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By Kallen K.
age: 13

She whispers in my ear, softly,
She gets louder, I can hear her,
I disagree,
Death gets her wish, I am dust.

Itís about time it arrives,
Iíve been waiting my whole life,
I donít think it will come,
Is it true?
Will it come?
How far away is my hope?

I hate this dungeon,
This cell will keep me prisoner forever,
This is a room in which there is no key,
I locked myself in here with my lies,
Yet I have no way to set myself free

Far from home, and all I knew,
Now I can spread my wings and fly,
I can fly far from myself,
I can fly far away from my life,
It is my time to soar

The way it taunts,
The way it loves,
The way it hates,
It canít be real, yet is it?
The friends I had,
The ones close to me I lost,
This life canít be what I thought, or is it?

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