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Cats are Great house Pets
By Nick J.
age: 12
New York

Some people might not think that cats are very good house pets, because they donít tear up the furniture. Not all cats will.
Cats are really great house pets, and have many good qualities. They are quiet, and donít grow very big.

I would argue that not all cats tear up the furniture. Cats can easily be de-clawed Cats donít need a lot of food, like some people might buy twenty pounds of food for them each week. Maybe not exactly twenty pounds, or anywhere near that, itís just that people might waste a lot of money for it. And, with proper care, they will not destroy the house.

Some people might argue that dogs are more loyal than cats. In some cases itís right, in some cases itís wrong. Either cats, dogs, or any house pet are more loyal. Cats and other house pets are all equal.

In conclusion, although some people say itís wrong, cats are great house pets, with many good qualities. They are equal with all other house pets, and it can easily be proved. Cats are not better, dogs are not better, ferrets are not better, etc.

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