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A Criminal Mind
By Henry & Matt L.
age: 12

It was a cold wintry night in the middle of December in Lansing, Michigan. Nothing was going on; it was pitch black outside, 1:00 a.m. Soon Mr. R. Edwards would awaken and go to his daily job just outside of Lansing. He had a great job as the boss at Edwards & Co. Tree Plant. He earned plenty of money everyday, and he didn’t have many employees to pay.
His employees were very loyal to him. Mr. J. Smith’s responsibilities included chopping the trees and importing them to the building. Another one of the people who worked there was Thomas A. Jackson. He was the one working at recycling the trees the best he could and putting them to good use. They were all happy at their jobs, especially Mr. J. Smith, who worked the hardest and made the most money in the job besides the boss: Mr. R. Edwards.
Soon things started to go way downhill. The employees made less and less money, Mr. Smith and Mr. Jackson didn’t work as hard and they made less every day, sometimes losing as much as a whole 20 dollars a day. That was a lot considering their paychecks were only $150 and $100. When they finally realized how much money they had lost combined. They started working just a little bit harder every day, until they finally made back their entire paycheck. They earned it back quickly because they were working so hard, and since they were working so hard they decided to ask Mr. R. Edwards for a raise.
They both agreed on this, and so they decided to ask him. They woke up early the next day and planned to persuade Mr. Edwards to give them a raise. When they got to work they went straight into Mr. Edwards’ office. They both sat at the two separate grey chairs and waited for him to arrive in his office, but after half an hour he still had not arrived. Their co-workers had started to arrive, so they went outside and started to work. That whole day Mr. Edwards did not show up, one of the workers heard a rumor that he had the flue and would be sick for another week.
The rumor was wrong. Mr. Edwards had decided to go Florida for a short little vacation. He was having a great time there, while all of his employees were working to
Keep getting Mr. Edwards money. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jackson thought their boss was sick, and feeling kind of sorry for him they kept on working as hard as they could. They knew nothing was going to get done unless the boss was there, so they had to do double work so everything necessary would get done. They did everything they had to do, and more. They decided to call their boss to make sure that he was all right. Mr. Edwards picked up the phone and in a fake sick voice he said, “Hi Mr. Jackson, I’ll be back tomorrow, and just keep on working as hard as you have been!” Mr. Edwards then just hung up the phone. They both got kind of nervous, but of course they followed his directions, despite Mr. Edward’s absence for several more days. Monday came around finally. Mr. Edwards was there, and right at the start of the day he fired Smith and Jackson. They were both very mad, they told him that they had worked harder than ever while he was gone but he still didn’t listen. They just gave up and decided to go home. When they got home they called each other.
“I’m really mad at our boss, we worked as hard as we could, and we still got fired.” said Mr. Jackson.
“I’ve got a good idea, maybe we could rob Mr. Edwards’ company’s headquarters? How ‘bout it?” He questioned to Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith said, “All right I guess we can try it but if we go to jail I will hate you for the rest of our lives.”
Replied Mr. Jackson, “We’ll plan it tonight and we’ll meet at my house. It’s about 10 miles away on Chicken St. It’s not to far away, see you tonight?”
“Deal!” “See ya”
So that night Mr. Jackson hopped in his blue Toyota and eventually found his way to Chicken Street, where he searched for Mr. Smith’s house. Mr. Smith was waiting for him outside the door waving his hand. In his opposite hand was a map. Mr. Smith greeted him and guided him into his house. His house was not that fancy, but the living room was. Mr. Jackson sat himself down on a black leather chair, and Mr. Smith sat next to him on the sofa. He ripped the map out of his pocket. He opened it and it looked something like this.

He was very pleased with his effort. Finally Mr. Smith rolled the map out and placed it on the fine mahogany table. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jackson began noting places that could be useful in the robbery, The yellow locations were the less important ones and the red ones were crucial. They didn’t circle the tree company because they would be doing the heist at night, and people were working in the forests at night cutting down trees.
First for the robbery they would have to buy supplies at the nearby department store. They needed ski masks, latex gloves, paper bags, boots, plastic hunting guns, and some black paint to paint the fake guns. They had to get into action. Mr. Jackson hopped into the driver’s seat and Mr. Smith popped open the passengers seat door and jumped in. Mr. Jackson stepped on the accelerator and pulled out of the long windy drive way. Five minutes later when they reached the department store, they parked in the parking lot and walked in casually. Cleverly they decided to slip up because they didn’t want to act like they were robbing a bank; buying all of those articles of clothing and accessories. They split up and they both went to opposite ends of the store. Mr. Smith picked up the paint, the boots, the latex gloves, and the ski mask. Mr. Jackson picked up the plastic bags and fake plastic hunting gun. They each paid on separate registers and then they left in the same car. They hid the supplies just in case Mr. Edwards wanted to talk to them about their job applications.
They got to work on the materials for planning the robbery. First they would paint the guns black and cut the ski masks so that they would fit over their heads. Then they would put the boots and the cloths on, put every thing in the car and leave.
While painting guns Mr. Smith asked Mr. Jackson turned on the T.V to channel 4 news. The first story was about a murder that had occurred in Lansing at midnight last night. The criminals had gone in the back entrance and broken through the glass window. Then they had yelled and asked if anyone was in the building. According to an eyewitness there was no response. It had occurred to Mr. Smith that this crime was very similar to their planned escapade. That night they planned to take Mr. Jackson’s car over to Mr. Edwards’ house and break through his window. The two men were very fortunate because Mr. Edwards had given them his alarm number while working on a project in his house while he was away. So they would get in his house, sprint to the alarm and enter the 7-digit code 9574613.
They had to get into action very fast; they hopped off the couch and ran up to Mr. Jackson’s car. They drove down Chicken Street, jumped out of they car, and changed into their robbery clothes. They had to be very sneaky in the process of going into the bank. They got dressed in the car and crawled on their stomachs nearer to the bank. They approached the back door, opened it up, and crawled into the janitor’s closet. The men stuffed the guns into their pockets and opened the closet just a nudge to see the outside. Across the hallway they could see the large handle of the vault, but between them and the vault was the lobby. To get rid of those people they needed to blindfold them, tie them up, and lock them in the closet. Fortunately, inside the closet they found some rope, and even a whole roll of duct tape. Since there were only four people in the lobby including the employees they didn’t need that much tape. On their stomachs they tried to avoid getting seen, until a 9-year-old boy spotted them and jumped. Everyone immediately saw them and recognized them to be robbers. The customers got out of their seats rapidly and sprinted toward the suspects. There was only one security guard, and the people weren’t strong enough to get these robbers. Quickly the men yanked out the duct tape, and taped all the mouths shut. They also tied the rope around their bodies. Single handedly they picked two people up at once and locked them in the janitor’s closet. When everyone was out of sight they realized that the security cameras were rolling. Quickly they jumped on the front desk and punched them out with their bare hands. Now they were free to rob the bank. The only problem was that they didn’t have the vault’s security number. But then Smith had an amazing idea. Since Edwards owned the bank they thought that the vault’s alarm number might be the same as the tree company’s number which was 7894512 . They ran over to the other janitor’s closet on the other side of the hall and took out the broom. Smith stood 20 feet behind the vault, and ran as fast as he could head first into the vault. With the combination of his foot and the broom, the vault’s door burst open. The alarm immediately went off. Smith raised his hand towards the security pad…7-8-9-4-5-1-2. The alarm immediately stopped and Jackson only hoped that it had not been too late and that the police had not heard the alarm. They yanked the plastic garbage bags out of their pockets, put a couple of them over their feet, and then walked over to the shelves full of money. They started to empty the money off the shelves into the garbage bags that they brought. The math wiz, Mr. Jackson, was counting the money as they robbed the bank; they were approaching 1 million. They couldn’t believe all the money that they had found.
All of sudden they saw a shiny thing out of the corner of their eyes. Edwards spun around and noticed about 100 safety deposit boxes. The only problem was that they had nothing to pull them open with. They were so desperate that they started to punch the boxes, and one by one they started to pop open. Slowly they gathered up everything that they wanted, they emptied a box and then started filling it with jewels and money and loans, and bonds, some of which were up to $100,000,000. They saw diamonds and pearls and rubies, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Carefully they lowered the precious valuables into the bags and finished the job off. As they scurried to load up the bags they heard distant sirens coming from afar. The police were coming, and they had one piece of evidence, footprints… At that, they darted out of the vault and ran outside. As they opened the door the police cars came into sight, they were about 2 or 3 miles from the bank. They hopped in the car and drove off towards their house. As they approached the front step they unloaded the car and brought in all the money. Knowing the police were on their tails they had to hide the merchandise and burn the clothes, leaving no evidence. Jackson hid the money and made sure that only he and Smith knew the code to the secret hiding place. Jackson grabbed a lighter and ran over to the burnt ash fireplace; he tossed the clothes in and lit the fire.
Now they had to plan the second part of their crime spree. They had decided to kill Mr. Edwards, but wanted to make sure that they left no evidence what so ever. Their murder weapon had to be a secret. They called Mr. Edwards and asked him to come to Jackson’s house and he said yes. About a half an hour later he drove into the drive way in his red Porsche Boxter. They saw him come in to the driveway but they acted like they didn’t. As soon as he knocked they sprinted to the door. When they opened it he asked, “What do you want?”
“In good time you will see,” said Jackson.
They walked over to the couch and turned the TV on to Channel 4 news. As soon as they turned it on it showed the tape from their bank robbery. Jackson said, ” there has been another robbery, but this time it was at your bank. “What happened to the security, if I find out who did this I will throw them in prison for 50 years, “said Edwards. “Well we did it,” said Smith who had been quiet for the whole time. Edwards ran out the door, trying to get to his cell phone. But before he got there Jackson grabbed an icicle off the roof and stabbed Edwards in the heart. Blood spurted every were. They took the phone and smashed it on the ground, they also took the body and put it in the car and drove about a mile to the nearest pound and dropped him in it. As they dumped him in it hit Smith; maybe we could dress up as someone else and turn ourselves in. He mentioned it to Jackson and they agreed that that was a good idea.
So the next morning they got dressed in suits, ties, and fancy shoes so they looked like they would never rob a bank. At noon they drove Mr. Edward’s Boxter to the Police Station. The police asked them a variety of questions all the way from their names to where they were at the time of the murder and robbery. They were prepared for that questioned. They responded “We were watching football, when it went to a special report about the robbery and murder.” The police totally fell for the fraud story and let the two men leave. But now the police became a little suspicious. Then the police walked back up to them and told him that they had a search warrant. They went to Smith’s house and took a pair of boots from his closet. Smith and Jackson both buried their heads into their leaps in disgust.
The F.B.I. had now gotten into this case and they had searched everywhere except the Smith and Jackson residences. The F.B.I went to the crime scene of the murder and started to do an analysis on the few footprints they had found. All of a sudden the police radio started to beep, a call was incoming. The officer walked over to the radio and picked it up. Another officer on the way back to the station had spotted a head floating in the water. The police officers immediately hopped in their cars and sped off towards the body. Once they reached the little brook by the department store they dragged the body out. Sure enough it was Mr. Edwards’ body. The next thing they had to do was go into the store and to question the employees, who might have seen something suspicious in the last 48 to 70 hours. This was possible because the store was open all day, every day. The employees said that they found Mr. Edward’s body and gave it to the police. The police noticed that Jackson and Smith looked like the men on the tape.
This was the clue the police needed. The detectives sped back to the police station. Then the police asked the suspects if they had purchased anything on the day before the robbery. Jackson and Smith told them what they had purchased. This information matched the tape so the cops knew it was Smith and Jackson who had committed the crime. Smith and Jackson knew that they were made so they just put their hands out and the cops took them away. A month later they lost their trial and went to Michigan Correctional Center for one count of robbery and one count of murder. But where was the money?

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