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A Ladybug named Alex
By Miranda J.
age: 12
Rhode Island

A ladybug named Alex was 4 years old but did Alex know???
So he had a friend named Chloe.
One day Alex and Chloe went to play at the park
Alex’s Mom and Dad were there.
Chloe was at the slide and Alex asked his Mom
And Dad how old he was. They said 4 years old
And Alex had 5 spots???
How old was he???
Chloe was eating over Alex house
They had Chicken and peas.
After Chloe had to go home and that night Alex
Was up all night counting his spots he
Had 5???
That morning Alex was pooped he still
Had 5 spots??
And he asked them again they said 4 years old????
They told him that was a piece of leather.
And Chloe came and played.
Miranda J on writing:
I found a ladybug one day and it had 4 spots. I knew if you count the spots that is how old it is.

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