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Within its Eyes
By Cynthia W.
age: 15

Ask anyone-well, any CD that knows me-and they will tell you that I am on the brink of insanity. Oh, for times past! One year, nineteen days, and seven minutes, to be precise-the last time I could snuggle in comfort within my cozy plastic case, lazily watching employees and busy shoppers pass by on the tiled floors of Target. I can summon many such pleasant images. There are other images, too, but these are less pleasant. One image featured a middle aged woman and a teenaged girl crying out shrilly, “Perfect! Hey, ma, these CD players are on sale!” In a few second’s time, I was placed (not too carefully) into a red basket along with a blow dryer, candles, and several CDs that would eventually be the bane of my existence. My abrupt departure from Target signified the last of my happy, idle days. It is now 3:06 PM, the time when my wretched owner will eventually rummage through her messy school bag filled with pencil stubs, old tests, and the unmistakable smell of Cheez-its from cold lunch. Alas, I am proven correct for I can see her filthy hands-the same hands that have tarnished my once glossy cover! I hide, but evidently without much success. Before long, I am playing, with great reluctance, the teen’s annoying CD, Now 18. To me, modern music, such as rap and hip hop, is filled with a great amount of redundancy. Surely, anyone in the right mind can see that, so why, I ask, does this teen lack in musical tastes? It certainly does not come from the family, for I have heard of the many beautiful classical pieces of Mozart that play in the mother’s bedroom while she busies herself with daily household chores. Thus, it is my belief that this lack must come directly from the horrid media and from what it considered “popular”. I see countless teens forcing their CD players to play this “popular music”. It is easy to realize then that CD players are being tortured all over the world! I must start plans for a massive revolution like the American colonists. However, midway through my musings, the teen stops the disrupting music and gasps with astonishment, “Mom? You gave me a present?” I am instantly forgotten and tossed aside as she tears open the wrapping paper with ferocious energy. Quite frankly, I am reminded of those lions that I have seen on Animal Planet. She is such a violent and disorderly creature. I gasp when I see the present. The mother has given her a NEW CD PLAYER! “Now that you own a new one, I can keep your old CD player. I noticed that it’s pretty old and beat up looking, right?” says the mother. Then realization sank into me. No more headaches and “popular music”! My heart lightens instantly. I was so filled with joy that I didn’t even remember being passed from my previous owner’s hands into the mother’s. I had been dreading the future, certain that it would be filled with days of repetition. But now, it was perfectly sublime. I knew it was going to be.

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