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By Cynthia W.
age: 15

I was, like, so totally angry today ‘cause our boring Science teacher assigned us sooo much homework-on the day of the Spring Dance too! Plus, my parents are so into getting good grades and all, and, like, I can’t just dump the whole stupid homework thing without getting grounded. So, when I saw Benjy (a.k.a. Benjamin the Nerd) looking for a place to sit during lunch time, I said to myself, “Oh my God! Here’s like my perfecto chance!”

“Benjy! Hey, Benjy! Wanna sit with us?” I cry in my top cheerleading captain voice. He instantly looks up and stares at us (the popular kids) with those humongo glasses of his. Okay, at this point even I have to cringe-how can anybody look so NERDY?

Now before I go on with my stellar story, I have to tell you some background info on Benjy the Nerd. He’s, like, this super smart genius dude who’s three grades ahead in math (a subject I totally hate) and he is the captain of the Debate Team. No offense, but his scores aren’t too high in the looks department either. Plus, he doesn’t really seem to have any friends. So you can really see that I’m a kindhearted creature by letting him sit with us. And of course he can help me with my homework too.

So, like, Benjy came over to our lunch table quietly. I swear that the whole cafeteria was silent. Well, duh, this is probably the first time in the whole history of Wilson High School that any popular kid has given any other member of the lower status permission to sit at the lunch table. The silence lasted only lasted a few seconds though ‘cause my friend, Jeremy, snorted and nearly choked on a tater tot, and I swear, I could have slapped him right there. My whole future of whether or not I could go to the Dance was at stake! But, the nerd was still totally walking toward us (whew!). Obviously, the sounds of regurgitating tater tots did not freak him out at all.

And, so, history was made as Benjamin the Nerd went to our fabulo lunch table. But before I could, like, even begin to carry out my totally flawless plan, something totally strange happened. “Could you be my date to the Spring Dance?” he asked, “I’ll do your homework for tonight.” Well, like, I was so totally shocked that I very nearly fainted at that second!

But, wait, let me tell you something. It wasn’t too bad at all. Oh no, it seriously wasn’t too bad at all. I have no idea what the heck happened, but for some strange reason I said calmly to him “Sure, why not?” I don’t know why I did it. And it was not only the whole homework doing deal. Maybe it was, like, my conscience or something like that. The most surprising thing was…that it was actually kind of fun-going out with Benjy for the whole dance thing. He was polite and actually opened the door for me and stuff. Let’s just say that I did learn something that night. Looks aren’t everything.

Well, who knows? I might, like, go out with some other nerds in our school-it’s the trend now!

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