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The Revenge of Angela
By Angela R.
age: 15
New Jersey

''I had suffered the thousand injuries of insult; but when Fred ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.'' I bet your wondering why I say this and what I did so I’ll tell you. When I first moved to Bayonne, New Jersey in 1996, I lived on 44th street. There were many kids outside playing on the block. So I went over there to try to make friends. I was very nervous and scared of what they’ll say to me. They all seemed to like me except this little boy. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. After I asked if I can play Fred says, “No there is too many people for this game.” So I waited for the next game. When they were done playing, they came over to me. Fred started taunting insulting remarks to me. All of the kids were laughing at his jokes. This happened everyday, for a while, until I got fed up with his nonsense.

That day I decided that I was going to get revenge on the little brat. I thought long and hard for this plan. I was best friends with the girl he liked more than anything. Her name was Britteny. He was always afraid to say anything to her, so I did it for him but they weren’t very nice things I said to her. I even made up lies just to get revenge. And it wasn’t working good enough. I started thinking to myself that I have to do something more than lie to Britteny. The next day I woke up with a great plan. I overheard Fred talking to friend saying that he wants to ask Brittent if they want to go out sometime. At lunch time, I saw Fred walking up to Britteny. I knew this was my chance to get revenge for every little name he ever called me. Without him or anyone else, seeing me, I ran behind him and threw a bucket of brown paint all over his new clothes. I was determined to punish with impunity. I know I wasn’t going to get caught because, nobody seen me with paint or even saw me throw the paint on him. I was carefree, or so I thought. When I went home I sat on my bed and seen his face of embarrassment. He went home crying. He never talked to Brittney that year. I started thinking of why I did this. Then I remembered that he always made fun of my teeth. I don’t mind being called names that are not true but when they are true it hurts twice as more. That is why I did what I did. And to this day nobody knows it was me.

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