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New Easter Bunny Needed
By Ethan M.
age: 12

As a consequence of an unfortunate episode in which he was nearly engulfed by a hungry cat, the former Easter Bunny (who had deluded himself into believing that this was an easy job) has gone off to become the Abominable snowball. Subsequent to his near death experience he became phobic of going into houses, and decided to seek out the panoramic views of the Himalayas, alongside the abominable snowman (his distant cousin).

We are now in need of a new Easter bunny to take over his role. The following are the job requirements. No bumbling, it is important to be able to slip baskets to kids in the dark of the night. We need a bunny that can dole out the foil covered eggs and the other gifts in the baskets quickly and efficiently

No nonconformists need apply, we want a bunny that can take some initiatives but still follow the rules. The successful applicant will be resourceful in avoiding detection by little children, capture in the course of candy delivering will force your contract to become null and void. An unerring instinct for choosing good hiding places for Easter eggs is necessary. Donít let the children get a lucky rabbits foot as a memento, you need to be fast! If you do a great job, you may serve as a role model for posterity.
Ethan M on writing:
I was supposed to for school and I thought it would make my teacher laugh.

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