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Golden Dictionary
By Patrick D.
age: 12

Once upon a time there was a group of four friends who were at school one day in February. School was great for the 4 friends whose names were Molly, Bailey, Jack, and Lillie. They all sat together at one table in their classroom. The schools name was Cats Elementary School. Today they started off the day with science, which is their favorite. Then came Social Studies, which are most hated in Ms. Shadow’s classroom. Then there was math, writing, and lunch and recess. “Eating lunch and talking to friends is fun.” says Jack. They played tag, which they always would play. In the afternoon, Ms. Shadow read Valentines alphabet during teacher read aloud. Next came reading, art, computer, and spelling. Before spelling, the teacher asked the class to get a lined sheet of paper and a pencil. Lillie was gnawing on her pencil like a beaver. Lillie knew that there was a spelling test and knew she was not good at spelling. She tried not to think about spelling and thought about doughnuts. The teacher called out “1 is writer, 2 is express, 3 is while, 4 is choose, and for number five Lillie wrote words. She knew she had it wrong but could not think of how it’s spelled. When the teacher was done collecting Bailey asked “How did you do on the test”? Lillie answered “I got 1word wrong”. The truth is Lillie always gets at least one word wrong on all of her spelling tests. When it came time to go home the teacher called over Lillie to her desk. The teacher asked “Why do you get one word wrong on your spelling tests”? Lillie did not answer. “What’s wrong Lillie; do you not want to tell me”? “Yes” muttered Lillie. “Thank you” said the teacher. Then the teacher let Lillie trod off into the hall and out onto the sidewalk to walk home with out her friends. While walking away from school, Lillie started crying. She felt bad inside, she felt she was a bad speller. She wished she was the best in the whole class. Lillie sunk her head and walked all the way home waiting for the weekend to study spelling……. On Monday, Lillie had told the teacher about that she studied over the weekend. She still thought it was no help at all. She got to here table where she sits. Immediately all 3 other friends asked why Lillie looks sad. Lillie answered “I’m not good at spelling”. “Why yes you are” said Molly. “No” answered Lillie. Just then the teacher called on her. Lillie sat by the teacher’s desk almost crying. “Your good at spelling” said Ms. Shadow. “You will be if you only can find the golden dictionary. “Ms. Shadow, what is the golden dictionary”? “I’m not so sure, all I know is that it is real. “Ok” frowned Lillie as she walked away. When Lillie got to her seat she asked her friends what the golden dictionary was. Nobody knew until Jack spoke up. “Wait a minute, did you say golden dictionary? “Yes” groaned Lillie. “Yes, I know it’s far from here. “Awesome” whispered Lillie. Jack said “I do know that nobody has ever found it”. “Aw, it’s no use” said Lillie. “Come on, don’t give up now, we could be the first ones who find it” declared Jack. “Yes that is a good idea” “Ok, let’s find that dictionary” yelled Lillie. “I’m in” said Jack. “Molly, Bailey are you in”? “Yes” they screamed. Then the four friends departed from the classroom and headed outside. It was real warm outside and they hoped it would stay like it was. When it’s warm, it’s easier to walk. They started there adventure going north towards the 8 mile woods. When they got about a mile something popped out behind some bushes. “Hello my tedious friends” said a troll that was mighty big. “You can not pass unless you solve my riddle. “What is in median size, furry, and cuddly? “That’s hard” said Bailey. “No wait he’s trying to trick us, the answer is us” said Lillie. “Dang, you got it right” said the troll. So the 4 friends then got on there way heading for the end of the woods. The 4 friends were screaming as they walked pass the troll. “You’re better at solving riddles than at spelling” said Bailey “Yes I guess so” said Lillie. It was getting dark and the 4 friends suddenly could not see, but all it was a tree blocking the sun, but still it was getting dark. So the next thing the 4 cats did is set-up camp. The camp was not good but id did give comfort and shelter against bad weather…………. When morning came, they ate the cat food they had brought along with them. “The food is good” said Molly. “Yes” said Jack. After they were done eating they started heading for the end of the woods. They carried there camp with them so when it gets dark again they can reset it up. “Were like that show called Survivor” said Molly. They almost got 3 miles when out of site were a waterfall with land on the other side. Jack decided to cut a tree down and make the leaves land on the other side. Jack was the strongest anyway. The 3 other cats waited…… “WAM”, the tree fell down with a big bang and the leaves on the other side. “Yippy” yelled the 4 cats. So they walked across the tree like a bridge. When all cats were on the other side safely they were happier than they were on the other side of the waterfall. They were screaming all the way trying to reach 4 miles. They were singing and dancing all about. Then they calmed down thinking they have reached 4 miles but they were still on the other side of the water fall. They looked over the edge. There in the water was a red carpet like the ones they use on TV. Then the 4 cats noticed a bunch of celebrities walking down one at a time. They saw Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Gwen Stefini, Shania Twain, Usher, and Crazy Frog all in live person. All the cats were drooling. They then went to several celebrities to shake hands. When they were done they got back on there mission. It eventually got dark and they set up camp and went to sleep for a new day……….. “Good Morning” said Lillie. They ate breakfast and then took down the camp and got back to where they were headed. They were heading for one more mile this time. They walked a couple feet with out getting caught in a road block. They went a couple of more feet, nothing. A couple more feet, nothing. A couple more feet and pop, Simon, Paula, and Randy popped out of nowhere. “You shall not pass, to pass you must sing. “Fine, I’ll go first” said Lillie. She sang “RESPECT”, Molly sang “Get Ready for This”, then Bailey sang “ABC”, then Jack sang “LAFFY TAFFY”. They all got thru on American Idol and continued there search for the golden dictionary. They were amazed that Simon let them through. So they walked on until it got dark and set up camp and slept……… Next morning they woke up and ate breakfast and took down camp and continued there adventure. They went on walking on something that felt like carpet. It was a carpet! But what would a beautiful carpet be doing in the woods. It was a long carpet. They decided to follow the carpet. Then they saw something in the distance. They got closer and saw it was a castle. Suddenly the doors shot open. A pretty witch named Ms. Brandy came out behind the doors. “You shall not pass” said the witch. “To pass you must complete 3 challenges. “We’ll do it” said Jack. “Your first challenge is you will have to dig in the ground for a golden coin”. So the 4 cats got right to work. They dug and dug and dug and dug until Lillie found the gold coin. “Found it” screamed Lillie. “Ok, you may go inside the castle to have cat treats and milk” said the witch. “Your next challenge you will have to climb a rope as fast as you can and reach the top” the witch said. And so they climbed and climbed as fast as they could. Finally Molly reached the top first. Molly picked Bailey to come with her and left Jack with the last challenge. “You two may go inside to have cat treats and milk” said the witch. “Last contender, what is your name”? “Jack.” “Ok Jack, your challenge is to make a paper airplane. So jack folded the paper in half, folded a point for the front, and last folded the wings. “Ok, make it fly” said the witch. And Jack tossed the airplane and it flew like greased lightning. “Good, you may go in the castle to have cat treats and milk” the witch said. When the 4 cats were done they went out the back door of the castle and went outside. They were at 7 miles so they hade one more mile to go. So they continued walking one mile. It was getting dark but the witch gave them only 1 flashlight. They walked all night and when it was morning they slept for 8 hours. Then they continued with there journey. They walked 50 feet and they smelled something. Bailey said “It’s the smell of success.” “Ah” said Lillie The smell grew when they got closer to the dictionary. Then they saw gold in the distance. It’s the golden dictionary” screamed Lillie They ran faster and when they got to the tree stump the golden dictionary was floating and glowing with gold. When Lillie touched it ZOOOOM, they were back in there classroom. Then Lillie heard the teacher calling her. The teacher said “Good Job”. I have one last word for the readers who are reading this line right now, GOLDEN DICTIONARY.
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