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The Last Bite
By Krista H.
age: 14

My life begins in a cold glass bowl. Just finish putting me together. My body feels complete, with all of my eggs, flour, and sugar; the feeling is graceful. Soon the graceful feeling is numb, and a cold rush is forced on my new founded body. This cold rush is founded by a silver oval object. This new shapely oval starts to remove me from my glass bowl. My newly founded body is forced into a new bed with the help of the cold oval object. The array changes quickly and my mobility is now very limited.

A door opens and I am put in a box and the opening closes behind me. I am feeling heat over my surface and I see a bright light above me. Heat comes into every little space on my cold existence. I think this is what they call the “tanning bed”. As I face the horrid heat hardness takes over my body. This tanning bed sure does turn my body to a darker tan color on the outside.

Now the door has opened and the light is bright from the outside of the box. A green blob comes towards my bed. The green blob starts to tug at my bed and pull me towards the outside light. The bright light almost blinds my new tan coat, but it is a nice feeling. The green blob pulls me away from my bed and a very cold feeling comes over me. “Where is my tanning bed?” Next comes a cold bed of wires with space between them. My bed and I sit there for quite a long time and the warm feeling is leaving my entire being.

Suddenly a blue smooth cream comes and covers my entire existence. This new cream is nice and cold, it cools me down from the tanning bed even more. It acts like clothes, covering my nude body, but the feeling is pleasant.

Suddenly I am on the move again. I see all new surroundings, people all around, tables, balloons, and screaming everywhere. This stick is pushed into me, and I feel heat again from a fire on the stick. I can not comprehend what is around me. Some terrible singing starts. Something is coming towards the fire, this is a hazard and huge pink lips spit at me. The fire is gone and the stick is pulled out. Now a huge sharp pointy silver utensil comes toward my tan and blue body. It pokes at me while pulling my insides apart in a straight line. Ouch! Through all of this I go through an enormous amount of pain. I am moving a lot and motion sickness is coming on, as I am put on a plate. A sharp object with 4 points comes at me. Then in a spilt second I am in a huge wet area. I am the last bite!
Krista H on writing:
My teacher told us to do a new point of view.

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