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13 ways of looking at a lily
By Donshanek M.
age: 14

Amongst lily pads and garden beds
the one thing that appeals to my eyes most,
are lively colors of the lily.

The lily swiveled in the spring air.
It was the prettiest part of the season.

Dew covered the morning petals of the flowers.
The silhouettes of the lilies
ran across the garden like wrinkles in the sea,
portraying a mood of innocence.

The sun is shining,
The lilies must be blooming.

If you trace your index finger across the silky petals of a lily,
it is said that the humming birds will come to hum.

Stupid men!
Why must you give your woman red roses,
when the magnificent beauty of the lily?
is right in front of your eyes?

A simple flower.

A soft reminder of past memories
of things as beautiful as a lily.

A stepping mat for when you walk threw someoneís yard.
Because you were to inconsiderate to use the walk way,
which was two feet away.

When a man and a woman love each other very muchÖ.and thatís how you make a lily!

If I had one lily for every time someone asked me what a lily looked
like Iíd have one thousand lilies,
and that would make me happy.

A lily is G-dís way of saying I love you.

A lily is all things beautiful.
Love, birth, growth, and did I mention love?
Donshanek M on writing:
I have a younger cousin named Lily that
I love very much, and this poem is actually about her.

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