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| . Somewhere. | .in. | .Between. |
By Cheryl L.
age: 17

There I stood
Between heaven and hell
In a rain of fire
A river of crimson
Drowning in sorrow

There I laid
Staring blankly at nothing
Lost somewhere in my mind
|| Trapped ||
With nowhere to run or hide

There I died
An empty shell
Memories of me long forgotten
Leaving no footprints behind

Here I soar
Flying without wings
Daring the unknown
Searching out hidden answers

Here I dive
Into the endless sea
Embracing my fears
Close my eyes and hold my breath

Here I live
The eternal winter
Melted into everlasting summer
Freefalling in joy

There…it awaits
The lost paradise
Not in heaven nor in hell
Somewhere in between.
Cheryl L on writing:
In every moment shadowed by darkness, there is a shred of light.

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