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A Night Visit
By Monica I.
age: 12

The morning began as fog could be seen in the air, the sun rising with the morning wind. The smell of humidity filled the air. Down near a neighborhood of houses, a small white house could be seen. This house belonged to a girl named Anna, and her family. She had two parents and a little sister. Her mother, Gina, was usually the first to wake up in the morning to make breakfast. She was already downstairs, her breakfast ready.
“Anna, Anna!” Anna heard an excited voice in her ear. “Come on, wake up! Remember? Today we’re going on vacation to the mountains!”
Anna opened her eyes to see her little sister, Jenny’s, big eyes staring at her. Then she remembered, her dad received a letter that invited them to a hotel in the mountains, which didn’t cost too much.
“Get out of my room, Jenny,” Anna said. She quickly chose to wear her favorite pants and a shirt and went downstairs to the kitchen.
“Good morning, Mom,” she said when her mom smiled at her.
Her dad, Daniel, was already eating. “We’re going to a five star hotel, what do you say, Anna?”
Jenny had just walked into the kitchen. “Is it nice and pretty?”
Anna rolled her eyes. “Yes, Jenny, It’s pretty.”
She read the letter that her dad received, “Mr. Daniel G. I would like to ask you to please come to a beautiful five-star hotel in the mountains. This hotel is very nice, and our guests always love staying here for a few days. It will cost you very little. The directions are on the back.
Meet you there,
Kyla, a distant aunt
fais attention”
When everyone finished eating, they went into the car and started going to the hotel which was miles away. It was already afternoon when they reached a very old hotel in the mountains. The door was large, Anna had noticed when they reached the entrance. Daniel opened the door to a big luxurious entrance hall with old decorations in it.
“Name?” a sharp voice asked behind them.
Daniel turned around to see a fine-looking lady wearing a long lavender dress. “I’m Daniel,” he said. “I signed to go to this hotel for a few days,”
The lady smiled. “Oh, yes, I’ll show you to your rooms,”
They all followed her as she walked down a hallway and stopped at the second door, opening it with a key.
“If you need anything, just go to the entrance hall and someone will be there. To contact the owner, go up the stairs in the foyer and turn left,” she said.
“Thank you,” said Gina.
Anna looked in the hotel room. There was a small hallway, and at its left was a small bathroom. At its right there was the master bedroom and next to it, a smaller bedroom. The hallway went to a small living room, which was ready with old chairs and a table.
Anna’s parents went inside to unpack the things that they brought. Jenny and Anna sat at the comfortable chairs in the living room.
When their parents were finished unpacking, they all went to the entrance hall to ask where they could eat dinner.
“We have a restaurant in the hotel,” said the man at the desk. “Just go left until you see something that says ‘restaurant’ and you’ll find it,”
They all found the restaurant and went inside. Anna looked around it. There was a bar and many chairs and tables. An old lady told them where to sit.
“Your food will be great,” she said, smiling.
Anna found that it was very good, just as the lady said. She ate chicken and rice.
At the hotel room, everyone went to bed. Anna was reading, while Jenny was drawing. When they were tired, they went to sleep. Anna slept very well in that bed. She saw herself looking at the hotel from outside. It was starting to rain and she heard a laughing voice from inside the hotel. Then somebody started screaming, and stopped. Everything went black and fast breathing could be heard. Suddenly, Anna felt small hands touch her shoulders. She woke up with a start, to see Jenny trying to wake her up. It was just a dream.
“Anna,” Jenny whispered. “I can’t sleep. I heard screaming from another hotel room and I’m scared,”
Anna sat in bed. “I heard screaming, too, just try to sleep,”
Jenny frowned. “I can’t sleep.”
Anna walked on the wooden floor of the bedroom. “Come on, I guess I can’t sleep, either. Let’s see what’s going on.”
They heard the faint screaming again.
“Okay,” Jenny said.
They went to the entrance to the hotel room and Annie opened the door to the hallway.
“There are many doors,” said Anna. “What door do you think it is?”
“I think it’s the one in front of us,” answered Jenny.
Anna walked to the door in front of them and listened carefully. She heard the person screaming again.
“I believe it is the one in front of us,” Anna agreed.
Jenny walked in front of it and knocked on the door before Anna could stop her.
They heard someone walking to answer the door. Slowly, the door opened and an old lady with her face washed with tears answered the door.
“Do you children need something?” asked the lady, trying not to cry.
“Um,” Annie hesitated. “We couldn’t sleep and we heard someone screaming.”
“I’m very sorry,” the old lady said. “I’m a guest at this hotel, and I don’t know where my kitten is. I lost him tonight.”
“We’re sorry you lost your kitten,” said Anna. “We would want to help you find him if we could.”
The old lady smiled shyly. “Could you? His name is Harry and he is white with brown eyes.”
Anna wanted to say they couldn’t help her, but the old lady was already thanking them. “Oh,” she said. “My name is Angela. Good luck and have fun!” Angela closed her hotel room door.
Jenny was quiet while Anna was talking to Angela.
“Anna,” she said. “I don’t think we should help her.”
Anna frowned. “I don’t, either. We have to though. Why did you knock on the door?”
“I’m sorry,” Jenny said quietly.
They both walked through the hallway back to the foyer. Nobody was there.
“Harry,” Jenny whispered. “Harry, we’re here for you.”
They both walked to the staircase.
“He could be upstairs,” whispered Anna.
Quietly, they went up the old staircase. There were many doors to rooms. Suddenly, Anna heard voices from the owner’s room.
“Quiet, Jenny,” she whispered. “We could be in trouble if they find us.”
Anna listened.
“The new guests arrived today, Father,” said the familiar voice of the lady who they met first. “They ate at our restaurant, and then went back to their rooms. I was spying on them, just as you told me to.”
“Good,” said a deep voice. “I could do what I told you about tonight or tomorrow, what do you think?”
“I think you should do it tonight. It’s 12:00 already, so do it quickly.”
Suddenly, Jenny saw something small moving behind a table in the hallway. She walked toward the table. “Anna,” she whispered. “I think I saw something moving.”
Anna didn’t hear her. The lady was opening the owner’s door to get out of his room. Anna quickly walked down the hallway and went right, into a narrow passage. She didn’t know where Jenny went, but she just walked along the passage. It went to a small door. When Anna opened the door, she noticed the room was dark, so she couldn’t see anything inside it. The cold floor creaked below her. Anna sighed. For a second, she thought she was still dreaming, but she wasn’t. Her sister wasn’t with her. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. The owner’s daughter was spying on them, and they were going to do something tonight.
Then, it happened quickly. Anna felt a tingly feeling in her ear, as if tickled by dust. A sharp voice thundered in her ears, light breathing on her shoulder, and blazing emerald eyes just above her head. Anna would never forget how it felt. She didn’t move, still and quiet, listening to the breathing.
“That’s right, little girl,” said the owner’s daughter’s sharp voice. “Stare at my eyes.”
Anna still couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t see anything but the emerald eyes.
“So you heard my little talk with the owner?” she said sharply. “You know what we’ll do, don’t you?”
“No,” Anna hesitated.
“Don’t lie!” the lady’s voice said. “You know that we’re going to lock all rooms and I’m going to put everyone in a trance to make everyone in the hotel work for us, just as we did one hundred years ago.” Anna heard paper in front of her.
How did she know Anna had been listening? How did she know she was there now?
Without thinking, Anna grabbed the paper from the lady’s hand in front of her and ran out of the passage and down the hallway. Quickly, she went downstairs to find Jenny with a kitten in her hands.
“Jenny, run!” Anna cried.
Anna raced to the hallway into their hotel room. Jenny following her. They both went into their parent’s room.
“Mom! Dad!” Anna screamed. “Quick! Get out of the room!”
They both sat up in bed. “What’s going on?” their dad asked, worriedly.
“I’ll tell you later, just get out of the hotel room!” cried Anna.
“What’s wrong?” asked Gina, getting up.
“Quick!” cried Anna.
They all went out of the hotel room and into the entrance hall, to find that the owner’s daughter was standing there, with an angry expression.
“I’m sorry,” Daniel told her. “Anna just wanted us to get out of our rooms for something,” he looked firmly at Anna.
“Yes,” the owner’s daughter said sarcastically. “I can see that you woke some of our other guests who paid so very much to come here.”
They all turned around to see Angela.
Angela looked at the little white kitten with lovable brown eyes that Jenny was holding and smiled happily. “Thank you very much, children, for finding Harry.”
Anna’s parents exchanged confused looks.
“Harry?” Gina said, concerned. “Is there something we should know about?”
“Oh, yes,” Angela said, laughing happily. “They helped me find my kitten. I would like to do something for them in return,”
“I found her under a table,” said Jenny.
While everyone else was talking about what had happened, Anna saw the owner’s daughter quietly tread softly away from the others. She was wearing a thin smile on her face, her eyes blazing. Anna was still holding the paper she grabbed from her. She read it slowly, as her eyes widened.

Please don’t make me do this. I know you want to invite all of our very distant relatives to come here and be our guests and then you want me to trance with my eyes so they work for us and our hotel. I think we have many of them, but, just as you told me to, I found more distant relatives and invited them to come, without telling them we’re all related. The father’s name is Daniel. That’s all I know about them. What are we going to do with Angela? Should we do it to her, too? We’ve lived here for thousands of years, and will live here for many more thousands of years, and so will everyone after I trance them, like when you did that to me.
Your daughter,
When Anna finished reading it, she frowned. “Dad,” she said. “Read this.”
Daniel looked at the letter Anna was holding. “What’s that, Anna?” he asked, taking it from her hands.
Reading it, he frowned. “Where did you find this?”
“The owner’s daughter,” said Anna. “I grabbed it from her hands.”
When Daniel finished reading it, he grinned. “You mean, from Kyla.”
Anna couldn’t understand why her dad looked happy. “What’s wrong about that letter, dad?”
Daniel smiled at Anna. “In the letter she sent me, it said that it was a very good five star hotel and at the end of the letter it said, meet you there, Kyla, your distant aunt, ‘fais attention'. I was thinking of what that would mean, and now I know clearly what it means. Kyla, although she looks younger than me, is a distant aunt, and everyone else in this hotel is related to us, as well as Angela. The French words mean to be careful,” he looked at the letter again. “Kyla isn’t bad, her father is. We’re leaving tomorrow morning,”
Gina and Jenny had been talking to Angela. When they finished talking, they all went back to sleep while Anna and her dad went to the foyer and up the staircase to the owner’s room. Daniel knocked on the door. They waited for what felt like a long time before someone slowly opened the door. It was Kyla, wearing a good-looking black dress. “Yes?” she said, frowning. “Do you need anything?”
Daniel looked at her and smiled. “Kyla, I would like to leave tomorrow morning, if that’s okay with you.”
Kyla stared at them. “Come inside, let’s talk,”
As they walked inside, they noticed that the living room was very big and had pretty chairs. They each sat at the comfortable chairs.
“You want to leave tomorrow?” Kyla said, as she grabbed a black cat and held it in her arms.
Daniel nodded. “Yes, we want to leave tomorrow morning,”
The cat Kyla was holding was staring at Anna.
“What do you say, father?” Anna heard Kyla whisper to the cat. “Remember what I told you, we have too many,”
The cat nodded.
“Why are you talking to the cat?” said Anna, frowning. Was the cat Kyla’s father?
Kyla laughed. “Didn’t you find out already? This cat is the owner of the hotel. My father was turned into a magical cat after I was born. That’s how we’ve lived here for hundreds of years!”
“Oh,” Daniel said, not sounding as if he believed her.
“Can we leave tomorrow morning?” said Anna.
Kyla sighed. “Yes, you can leave, and Angela can too, but you should leave before tomorrow night.”
Anna and Daniel left the owner’s room and went downstairs to their hotel room to sleep.
The next morning, they all left the hotel with Angela, who would stay at their house for a few days. Anna thought about the night before. She sighed. She wasn’t sure if it was real or just a dream. She was just happy to go home.


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