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A crazy chapter of my life
By Amber D.
age: 12

Dear diary,

Well this is my first entry in you, which I have to say it is going pretty dull. How I got you was from my stupid counselor says I had to tell my “feelings” to someone if not her then you! She said she would not read what I say, but I don’t believe her! But so by my guessing DIARY you think I am a bad girl with punk every thing like chains and stuff and I have pink hair right! Wrong I am actually a prep girl with a mini skirt, wrong again I am actually the girl in the back of your head the girl none talks to. See how quickly my image can change well just to tell you I have blonde curly hair light skin and I do keep up with the fashions. Now DIARY I bet you are thinking now how can she be with a counselor. Well it all starts when… wait I was actually going to start my story well okay here it goes.

It all started with my parent’s death, it happens very quickly and so the school was like so she has to have consoling. This really sucks for my part because I have to write in you! But now everyone thinks I killed my parents how gay is that. Well before I get all gushy and start crying (as if I will cry) well see ya later.

Dear diary,
You really should go to the bad place were you belong you and the hole school should just burn you won’t to now the #$%* reason that I am so beeping p.o.’d at you and the hole school it is because when I was sick yesterday they decided to tell the hole school about my parents death so now everyone dose not treat me the same so I Hate there guts. I will burn you and lmfao why you burn in hell!!!

Dear diary,
Sorry about last week I was just so I don’t now stress out by everyone ya now? I bet you don’t *sigh* well g2g and wish I could kill myself but before I dream let me tell you were I live In the gayest place in the world my aunt Jennifer’s home and she is like one of the stupidest person in the world but I now someone way stupid his name is Joe he is sooooo stupid, I mean he like likes me because you now I am so hot (not) but ewe that is so gross I mean he is just so I mean gross none In there right mind would go out with him, he Is just so gross well g2g bye!:)

Dear diary,
I adamant that I am actually really glad I have a diary. Okay I said it there well what I was really going to say was that you now that guy I said I liked well uh… well… I like him…. And just to tell you I REALLY miss my mom and dad! :(

I mean they where the only ones to understand me and now I don’t have them and I just have you the only one in this hell the only one to lesson to what I have to say (but that’s why I need you) so I can tell others ya know some one that won’t try to stick there big fat ziti noses in my grill but you won’t do that because you are nice like that o gosh I am getting soft on you well by for now.

Dear diary,
*sob* this will be my last entry in your brown loving pages, today I read my 1st entry in you just reading it makes want to cry really hard! Just think you have really helped me through the long and hard trip but I have to say it sometime but as you now I like putting the good part for last well prom is to night yep it has been a very long time, but I have been trying to put it off but I could not any longer so at long last my best friend I say wait let me just tell you that you are and ever will be the coolest diary in the universe, now I have to tell you good bye because I am all most out of paper well goodbye my loving companion miss you love you.

( just to tell you my name is Jennifer and I live at 555 sinner st.)

Amber D on writing:
One time I read a piece and it kind of inspired me!

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