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Suffocating From the Fire
By Hannah H.
age: 12

Intense heat encloses around me as I try to struggle free from these invisible, but tangible arms that reach out and grab me. Trying to pull me back into the darkness.
Door is right in reach, but more fog comes nearer, it thickens by every single second that passes by.
Will I survive?
Suffocating, fire is everywhere.
Words began to pass through my head, why did my house burn?
Dropping to my knees, I folded my hands in prayer to God, hoping that I will survive.
Suddenly, I felt God's warmth from his hand covering over me like a mighty shield.
It is easier to breath and I feel free. There is no suffocation here, no sorrow, just happiness.
Suddenly, someone gave a nudge at me.
It was all just a dream.
Hannah H on writing:
I don't know, it just seemed like I had to say it.

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