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The bee
By Ashley P.
age: 12
New York

Rex was flapping his math book in the air from left to right, left to right. The bee was moving too fast so Rex gave up trying to swat it. Everyone was screaming. If you were in another class you would have probably thought that Gonzilla was attacking our classroom.
The bee probably circled our room 5 times from left to right, left to right. The bee was circling me from left to right. I heard its annoying buzzing, buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz... buzz. There was chaos everywhere. But it all came down to the final match, Ms. Goldstein VS. THE BEE. On your right is Ms. Goldstein who is determined to smash the bee. She was on mission because the bee interrupted her lesson and now he's gonna pay! On your left is THE BEE who was just buzzing around. They were at it for a few minutes, going all around the room, back and forth, forth and back, and then.... SMASH. Ms. Goldstein won the end of round one and that ended of the BEE's buzzing life.

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