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By Isaiah L.
age: 12

One day a baby boy was born in 1778 at Italy. His parents were so proud to have a baby at their age. His parents were pretty old and his father had polio. There was no cure at the time. When he was born he was born in a little house in the middle of nowhere. They survived by having a farm and his father making wooden toys.
“Look how healthy he is.” Said his mother
“Let’s call him Aldo” replied his father

When Aldo grew up to be about 5, his father was very sick and his mother worried about death to come. Her prediction was right and his father was buried in their own backyard so they could talk to him. Aldo didn’t realize about death at the time but he knew his father was gone. His mother did not have that much money to support her son and herself. So she finally decided to give him to an orphanage.

“Good bye Aldo I will always love you.” Aldo’s mom said sadly while the nuns took him away and there you can see a tear from Aldo’s eye as his mother said that to him.

When he was put in an orphanage it was a new world, he met a lot of new people. It was hard to talk to Aldo because he only wanted to talk to his parents. He was put in new clothes and fed new food. He adapted to every thing in the orphanage.

When he grew up to about 10 he went to school. He liked learning a lot of things but still missed his parents. He had friends and a nun who cared for him just like a parent would. The nun was named Armanda, she taught him about religion and to become a good and decent person.

After 20 years past he married a peasant girl named Marellda and had a family. He missed his mother so much he went back to his old house and his mother was still there but was so old. He took care of his mother and his family lived there and was a happy family.
Isaiah L on writing:
I saw an orphanage and wanted to write a story about it

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