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A girl and a boy
By Jamie A.
age: 13

Well, there was this girl named Susie, and a boy name Thomas. Thomas liked Susie a whole lot, and he wanted her to know that he had feelings for her, for more than just a friend. So he would find ways of telling her, without actually telling her. But see Susie didn't catch on to anything he was trying to get through to her. So finally he just came out and told her that he liked her. He told her that he had liked her since the day they met, he thought her eyes shined like the stars at night, her hair was so marvelously beautiful, and he loved that she looked great in just about everything she wore. The next day she saw him in the halls and walked the opposite way. For 3 days she avoided him every time she saw him. On the 4th day she told him that she has liked him ever since they met also. He was shocked to find out that a girl with her beauty would like a guy like him. They started going steady during the beginning of the summer, and had been going out for 2 weeks when they both finally told each other they loved one another. They soon grew up and grew apart, they would see each another in the grocery store and wouldn't notice. She had kids and he was single, they had forgotten what had been in the past.
Jamie A on writing:
My sister and brother-in-law

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