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The Chair
By Jason H.
age: 16

He walked into the office that morning asking him self if it was possible for them to pull another prank on him. He was new and was getting used to the annual new guy pranks. The day before he was locked in the bathroom for 2 hours. He had a paper that was due to the boss 3 hours later. Not knowing when he would be let out he grabbed his pen from his pocket and started to write the story but he had nothing to write on. He went into the stall and snatched a long roll of toilet paper. As time went by he became more and more restless. He was going to be late with the paper if they didn’t let him out soon. A co-worker who had to use the bathroom finally let him out. Not knowing about the gag he opened the door and walked in. “I’m free!” he thought to himself. He walked out the door and ran to his desk toilet paper in hand. He sat down and franticly tried to re-write the paper. A buzz came and startled him. “Yes?” he said in an exasperated voice. “Mr. Kramer would like you in his office now” the secretary said. “Ok thank you.” His time was up; he had to hand in what he had. He got up and walked to his office. He came out red-faced and embarrassed asking himself if the day could get any worse. When he walked back to his desk he noticed his co-works smiling and laughing. He had no clue what was going on or what they were up to. He looked around his desk to check nothing was missing. His pencils were there along with his computer and keyboard, pictures and calendar were intact, nothing seemed to be missing. “What possible could they have taken?” He went to sit down and instead of falling on a cushioned chair, he just kept falling until “Thud!!!” He hit the ground with a big bang. He looked around and saw his chair missing and four heads pop over the dividers exploding with laughter and he said to himself with a smile, “My chair.”

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