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A favorite memory
By Tenley R.
age: 12

My saddest and most beloved memory is from the fifth grade at the end of the year. This emotional time troubled me, unlike my classmates. As usual, my classmates were counting down the minutes ‘til dismissal. I wasn’t. I was saving them.

Days, not to mention, minutes were going by fast. That year was the best and it would be sad to see it blow all away. Some memories fade and others smudge, but these were always in tact.

On June 23, 2005 at 10:25 A.M, when we were to leave, my heart just shattered with growing sadness. I didn’t want to leave. I knew the following year would not be the same.

The years spent throughout third grade, fifth grade, and now sadly ending sixth grade, I shall never forget how one person changed the hearts of many just by saying that she loved us.
Tenley R on writing:
It was my language homework and I thought I should tell it from the heart.

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