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Best Friend
By Shelby F.
age: 14

Together forever, what a saying! Not all friends turn out to be special the way mine did. I met Shayla in kindergarten during a stop, drop, and roll drill. Since that day there was nothing that could separate us. Nothing! We had so much fun like recess, lunch, or just class time.

We would sit, like we had ants in our pants, waiting for that recess bell. How time slowed when the clock neared the recess. Ring! Just like that we'd be outside in the sand pile. That sand pile was our life, our home, the way it was supposed to be. In that sand we would dig, maybe we thought we could get to the center of the earth, maybe not. Build sandcastles or even sitting in it made us happy. I have one thing to say, when I graduate Iím going back to that sand pile and Iím gonna know that Shayla will be waiting there for me, to play in our memories.

Nothing was more exciting than our schools lunch. Weíre not talking about an average lunch time. Weíre talking about how the boys wouldnít leave a table no matter who sat on it. Shayla and I saw the plan growing in our minds, seeing the boys always got the good table at lunch. So, the very next day our plan went into action, we got in line a head of them, check. Sat at their table, check and then for the finale, they sit somewhere else, check left the building. So, they sat all around us and Iím thinking Oh Yeah! Life was great, until the other girls caught on, moved in, and the boys left, bummer. Iím not finished yet, when youíre in my elementary school and a kid drops his plate the room get super quiet like someone just screamed out ďHelp!Ē Now in high school and a plate hits the floor, itís like this, an applause and cheers come from every direction. We canít even forget how much talking goes on about weekends, fights, football games, or even morning classes. The lunch room is filled with talk and of course food.

Class time, wow thatís a big one! Since we met in kindergarten, talking in class was sort of a hobby. With all that talking I should know something from school. Many of my classes were fun with Shayla. For example keyboarding in fifth grade, that was a major talking class. Fifth grade was the bomb, all because of Mrs. Hilker. She had us do plays for the younger kids, we got to play this game called zap for spelling, and she made movies to remember her class by. I still love watching us as a bunch of goof balls. We still had Mrs. Hilker in sixth grade but, she was not our home teacher. Our new home teacher was Mrs. J; I think she thought that responsibility was very important in our futures. So, we took care of animals in our class, feeding, bathing, and also cleaning cages. Shayla and I always worked together with our animals. Mr. Andersen was also a great teacher, having us play mind games and Mr. Anderson says, he also taught us English of course. Shayla and I agree that the projects were the best in Mr. Fredrickís class. He had us learn to manage money in the 1920ís and we made western towns from cardboard and toys. He also loved to drink his coffee, and always wore black pants and a white shirt. Our class times together were filled with laughs and enjoyment.

In the end, we all have the best time in elementary school and junior high, now high school comes as no surprise. Weíve learned the best in class, lunch, and even recess. I have to say I wrote this to my best friend Shayla, Happy Tenth Best Friend Year
Shelby F on writing:
My best friend, happy tenth year!

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