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By Kari L.
age: 13
New York

How long will this last?
Our hate for you?

We plan our revenge
the only way
we know how.

Car burning, police clashes,
and stone-throwing youths
have become your reality.

The siren piercing the night.

I can see the fear in the fireman's eyes.
Wondering what we just did.

The crowds of reporters doing their jobs.
Lining up to see our last act.

The act becomes a 10-minute slot
on your nightly news.

You can hear the screeching
of the dying.

But, you're not affected
By us.
Barely even

But, to us,
You mean so much more.
You made us the way we are now.

What you don't do,
Fuels our hate for you.
Our lust to
Destroy you.
But, only 1 degree
Less than our
Need to be
By you.

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