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The Quest Part 1
By Lisa H.
age: 13

The phone buzzed so hard, it fell off the desk. The clatter of it hitting the floor didn't wake the sleeping child on the couch. The backing fell off of the cell phone and landed a few inches away. The phone stopped buzzing and everything was silent once more.
''Why aren't they answering?'' The man at the pay phone on the street corner wondered, hanging up the phone and pulling open the door to get out of the phone booth.

He was tall with dark blond hair. A pair of dark blue sunglasses lay on his head, unused and forgotten. He was about thirty years old but you couldn't tell by looking at him. He looked so young!

''No answer?'' A woman stood impatiently by the door to the diner. She had brown hair that was pulled back in ponytail. She carried a Coach purse and wore a pair of five hundred dollar sandals. Her lipstick was bright red and clashed horribly with her light blue sweater.

The snow began to fall around the worried adults as they wandered back to their car and drove off towards their hotel.
''Stop, mom... ten minutes please.''

The blond haired girl murmured in her sleep. She yawned and opened her eyes. Riley, the puppy she had rescued five months ago from drowning, was licking her face.

''You're not mom, you silly pup,'' she told him. Her hair was down and smelled of lavender. Her kitty pajamas glittered in the light coming in through the window in the room.

She looked at the couch opposite her. A boy lay sleeping soundly as if he had been that way all his life.''Allen, psst. Wake up,'' she called.

The boy opened his eyes slowly.

''What time is it?'' he managed to ask.

She squinted at the clock on the counter, ''12:35. Why?''

''Oh no!'' he sat up, eyes wide, ''Where's my phone?''

Allen got up and searched frantically through the pillows and blankets on the couch. ''It's not here!''

The girl was the one who saw it, lying there in pieces on the floor.

''They need to make those things so they don't break so easy, huh?'' she said.

Allen glared, ''This is no time for jokes, Lisa. Look at this phone. This cost three hundred dollars!''

He held the pieces up.

''Well, we'll have to deal with that later. Mom and dad were supposed to call three hours ago. Why haven't they?'' Lisa asked.

''I don't know,'' Allen responded. He stared miserably at the pile of phone pieces. Sighing, he pushed it aside and grabbed the house phone.

''Well, this is it!''

The little man in the fancy suit led the miserable, cold and wet adults to their room at the large hotel.

''Why are you looking so glum? It's almost Christmas!'' he asked them.

''First of all, look at us. We're cold, wet, hungry, and on top of all that, worried sick. Second, we aren't excited about Christmas because we won't be able to celebrate it with our children,'' the blond haired man responded.

''And now, or children won't answer their phone,'' the woman with the coach purse added with a sob.

''I'm sorry,'' the little man said, ''Well, I have to get going. See you.'' He walked off down the hall.

Wiping their shoes on the mat outside the room and stepped inside the small, stuffy room that was to be their home, for the next five months.

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