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A Boy, A Dragon, and A Lot of Questions
By Sarah A.
age: 12

It was the time of knights in shining armor. There was a boy named Fredichinchesio Bulevairiad Ⅲ. It was such a long name, everyone just called him Fred B.

Now, Fred was very, very curious. “What is the moon made of?” he would ask. Back then, they didn’t know the answer to the question. Actually, they didn’t know the answer to many of the questions he asked.

One day, when he was older, his mom gave up. He asked, “What are dragons made of?”

His mom snapped, “Why don’t you go ask one?!”

That’s a great idea! Fred thought.

So the next day, that’s exactly what he did. He packed an extra pair of socks, three loaves of bread and some cheese. (His mom told him to bring the socks in case his feet got dirty.)

As he was about to set off, he thought of all kinds of questions to ask the dragon. Kissing his mom and telling her he definitely wouldn’t wet his pants, he left.

Although he traveled many miles of forest, the hardest part was going through Ticklemaloo Marsh. At the marsh, little lights blinked. Once you went to the lights though, glackamaloos tickled you until you escaped. There was worse in the marsh though-- that he didn’t want to know of.

After long nights of hard traveling, he finally made it to the dragon’s lair. He decided to creep up that night.

He had heard that dragons weren’t very friendly and liked to capture girls. He wondered why. As he snuck up, he didn’t notice a small dragon was coming up behind him. That is, he didn’t notice until he heard a “BOO!” behind him.

Fred spun around, staring at the dragon.

The dragon was a boy and shiny green with bright blue, bat-like ears. He would have been funny looking, except for the fact that he made Fred wet his pants.

“What are you doing here?” the dragon asked curiously.

All Fred did was stare at him.

“Are you going to answer or not?” the dragon finally asked.

“Wwwell,” stammered Fred.

“Well what?” the dragon said impatiently. “You better hurry, because if my dad finds out you’re here, he’ll probably eat you for a midnight snack.”

Fred gulped. “I-I- I was just w-wondering if I could a-ask a few questions.”

There! He had finally said it!

“Really!” the dragon said. “I always wanted to ask a human some questions too. Why do you use horses? Why do you eat so little? We eat twelve times a day. Why do you have weird names? Why-,” he started to ask again, but cut himself off. “My dad’s coming!” he said in a whisper.

Fred immediately looked behind him. Sure enough, there was a huge dragon coming towards them.

“Come on!” said the little dragon. “Get on my back. We’ll hide in the woods.” br>
So Fred climbed aboard his back. In the Fairy Forest, where they hid, they asked each other all the questions they could think of. They found out each other’s names(the dragon’s name was Chamina), and talked and talked until 3:00AM.

As they were falling asleep, Chamina suddenly said, “I wish we could vist each other.”

“Maybe we can,” said Fred. “At this time each year, I can visit you, and you can visit me.”

So every year Fred and Chamina did that, asking questions in secret. Only one other person saw Chamina, and he was too scared to tell. So the boy and the dragon lived happily ever after.
Sarah A on writing:
I wrote this for my little brother, Jacob.

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