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By Dave C.
age: 14
New Jersey

Spear the soldier,
Stab the ambassador with a sword,
Slay the mother--
Then you get a dignified reward.

Torture the innocent,
Massacre the town,
Capture the beast,
Remove the king with the shiny crown,

Begin a war,
Shake a fist,
Beat civilians,
Help the antagonist,

Assassinate the politic,
Participate in thievery,
Wipe out a race--
Only then you will go down in history.

Kidnap the young,
Gyp the poor,
Murder the fat lady who sung,
Dominate the world and still go for more.

Bury all alive,
Betray the state,
Unleash the demon,
Make the majority suffocate.

To close this statement:
Itís such a shame,
Of all the things humans can do,
They do these things for ever-lasting Fame.
Dave C on writing:
I wrote this about the idiocy of humans.

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