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Little Creatures
By Saki K.
age: 13

It had been a cold winter when they came. The earth on which the people of Hendricks lived was totally white, as if a giant had spilled his glass of milk on the ground below.

Macy McDonald sat in her armchair, reading a romance novel, her feet being warmed by the flickering flames of the fire in the fireplace when her telephone rang.

“Hello?” she spoke softly, for it was late at night.

“Macy! How are you?” a voice replied.

It was her friend, Anne. They had gone to high school together, keeping in touch by calling each other every few weeks.

They were so engrossed in their phone conversation that Macy did not notice the small, black creature creep into her house. The tiny figure crept through the open window in Macy’s kitchen. She was a forgetful woman, so she often left a window open or the television on. The small creature crawled onto the windowsill. It then moved on to Macy’s bedroom and crawled onto her dresser. It groped around for a moment, but it soon hopped into her sock drawer and settled down for a long nap.

Macy soon grew tired, so she said goodbye to her old friend and trudged upstairs to retire to her warm bed. She soon fell under the spell of sleep and was dreaming of the most pleasant of things, unaware of the intruder in her household.


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