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No Shame
By Tericka J.
age: 12

Eww...yuck what was that
you know what it is but say:
its the cat
then a mysterious odor flows through the air
killing people everywhere
that horrid smell shan't be a cat
it's way too foul...so what is that
you finally realize: I should feel no shame
and there's no need to play the blaming game
you sit up tall, facing your fears
and say it loud so everyone hears:
its me that created that horrid smell
so stinky it made a grown man wail
I admit I passed gas
but don't laugh at me like no one has
your sister
your mother
your father too
your teacher
your pet
everyone does it-- including you
you might think that I'm disgusting
and impolite
but you're just judging me
and that's not right
so keep it tight

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