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Moonbeams and Dewdrops
By Chistene S.
age: 12

...When they got home, Emily was noticing that she had never been up this late before. She looked out the window and saw a big circle of light hanging in the sky and shining down on the meadow. And all at once she heard soft music and tiny voices.

She looked at the meadow and saw the little blinking lights that she had seen in her dream. But she looked again and saw little figures with shining wings climb out of the blossoms of the flowers. She slowly moved in among them and noticed that they were singing. Gradually, she could hear what they were singing, ''When moon is full and shining bright, to dance as fairies is sheer delight, catching moonbeams while we play, to light your dreams till break of day.''

''Oh, that was so beautiful!'' whispered Emily.

Then two little fairies came over and asked,''You really think so ?''

'' Well sure,'' said Emily. Then the two fairies noticed Spot and screamed. ''Don't be scared, he won't hurt you,'' said Emily.

Cautiously, the two fairies moved in and touched Spot. ''Oooh he's soft!'' said the first fairy.

''He sure is,'' said the second.

Then the first fairy said, ''Please exuse us for just a moment.''

''Sure,''said Emily.

''What's up?'' said the second fairy.

''I just had a brilliant idea!'' said the first. ''Let's shrink the girl and take her to Princess Shimmer. I've noticed that she looks lonely. Maybe she could be a fairy forever. I could fly ahead once she is a fairy and ask her highness if that could work. She's done it before and once she hears her situation, she's bound to say yes. So what do you think?''

''That's a great idea Twinkle!'' said Starlight. ''Hey, would you like to become a fairy?''...
Chistene S on writing:
This is part of a novel that I'm writing.

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