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Conquering The Lion of Nemea: Labor One
By Zander R.
age: 13
New York

Narrator 1: A long, long time ago, there was a very, very strong man named Hercules. He was the son of Zeus, but was forever hated by Hera because of it. There was only one problem though: he was dumb as a doornail! He was so strong that he could pick up a lion and twirl it around.

Narrator 2: Hercules had done something very crucial and bad. He had unintentionally murdered many people, due to his strength. Eurystheus (King of Mycenae) came up with a way for Hercules to repent his sins.

Narrator 1: These tasks were called the Twelve Labors of Hercules. Each one of them was pretty much impossible for the average person to do. Hercules, though, was far from average.

Eurystheus: (Silent voice) Hercules, my son, your first labor is to kill the lion of Nemea. No weapon, whatsoever can kill this beast. You will have to fight with your own bare hands.

Hercules: (Heroic Voice) Yes, your majesty. I will do all that I can to conquer this beast with no weapons and just my hands.

Narrator 2: Hercules went running off to the jungle to find this daunting beast that was so powerful it could not be killed by any weapon.

Narrator 1: As Hercules approached this beast from behind, it just stood there, not knowing his presence. All of a sudden, Hercules jumped out of a bush and attacked the lion, punching him with all his might.

Lion of Nemea: (Roaring) Roar, Roar, Roar!!!!

Hercules: Iíve got you now, you dirty beast!

Narrator 2: The fistfight with the lion was not working and it was trying to buck Hercules off his back. With Hercules' lack of intelligence, he could not figure out what to do. He just kept hanging onto the lion until it got tired. Except, the lion never got tired.

Narrator 1: Suddenly, a light bulb flashed in Herculesí head.

Hercules: Choke him to death! Choke him to death!

Narrator 1: This was possibly the most brilliant idea Hercules had ever come up with.

Narrator 2: Hercules grabbed the lion by the neck and put it in a headlock. He couldnít get a good grip immediately. It took him a few minutes. Finally, he got a grasp around the lionís neck and choked him to death, while the lion was trying to buck him off of him at the same time.

Hercules: (Victorious Voice) Yes!!!! One down, eleven to go.

Narrator 1: Hercules took the carcass back to Eurystheus. Eurystheus was a cautious man and could not stand the filth and smell of the dead carcass. Eurystheus then gave him orders from a distance, and congratulated him on his success.

Narrator 1 and 2: The End!

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