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Maliciously Delicious
By Jasper Z.
age: 14
British Columbia

Timmy was walking through the colour coordinated walls of Jellybean Elementary, heading towards Ms. Grockie’s room where the bake sale was held. As he approached the tables, he started licking his lips as he looked at all of he tasty cakes, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. Once he got to the end of the table, he walked backwards as he was drawn to a colourful looking treat.

“How much for one of those?” Timmy asked giddily, pointing toward the colourful treat.

“Fiddy cents,” replied Prada, the class snob who was working there.

Timmy reached into his pocket and pulled out fifty cents and handed it over to her. He greedily grabbed the mouth-watering treat from the light headed girl and dashed out of the classroom.

“Like you’re welcome?!” tutted Prada as she flicked her hair in front of her crew of brand-name named girls.

Timmy walked over to the school steps and sat down. He devoured his delicious treat in just two bites. Content, he licked his fingers, got up and hopped merrily towards his friends and played an intense game of tag. A few minutes went by and Timmy started to feel a bit faint. He fell down. His friends huddled around him with concern and Polyester asked, “are you okay Timmy?”

Timmy woke up in a foreign place and looked around the room. He noticed a woman making adjustments to a machine Timmy was hooked up to. The nurse looked over at Timmy with a smile and said, “you’re alright now, youcan go home! Your things are right over by the door.”

Timmy climbed out of the bed and gathered his belongings. Shortly as he left the room, he began to feel the same feeling he did before at school. Timmy rocked back and forth and suddenly fell to the floor. He was dead.

A few months had gone by since the incident, and Polyester’s class was going to the beach for a field trip. Ms. Grockie’s class had agreed to bring treats to the event.

Polyester was about to go into the water when he notice something that made him drool. As he smiled and walked toward the treat he was interrupted by one of his friends.

“Hey Polyester!” shouted his friend, “Are you coming into the water?”

“Just a second!” Polyester yelled back, and turned his attention back towards the yummy looking treat. He picked it up and scarfed it down in only one bite. He licked his lips and ran towards the water. Polyester began to splash around in the water when he started to feel a bit dizzy. All of asudden, he collapsed.

One of the girls in his class screamed for help, but by the time the lifeguard made it into the water, Polyester was dead.

Months later, on Halloween night, a group of kids walked down Oak Street. They came to a house with an address that read “666.” They knocked at the door and it opened very slowly. The children gasped in fright at the sight of Ms. Grockie standing in front of them with colourful cookies and a smile on her face.

She grinned and said, “Would you like a treat?”

And the children bolted down the street.

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