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A 10-Step Guide to Living with your Snowman
By Nathan T.
age: 13

Step 1. First and foremost, make sure your snowman isn't melted.

Step 2. Make sure you never name your snowman Sunny. If you do, he might never want to go outside again.

Step 3. Be sure when you take your snowman to the Doctor, that the doctor doesn't use the ultraviolet light. This may have an effect on your snowman.

Step 4. Be sure to feed him snowballs and ice. Never feed him pepper or hot chocolate.

Step 5. Make sure you go ice-skating with your snowman. Never, ever, ever, play hot potato with him.

Step 6. Make sure you take your snowman to the North Pole on an air-conditioned plane, or else.

Step 7. Teach your snowman how to use the heater wisely, preferably not at all... or else.

Step 8. Make sure your snowman takes a bath in ONLY ice water, or the next thing you know, your snowman will BE the ice water.

Step 9. Your snowman probably should sleep in a freezer, or he might literally wet the bed.

Step 10. Last but not least, make sure your snowman knows the difference between snow and ice-melt. If he doesn't know the difference, teach him right away or else it will be sayonara snowman.

Conclusion: If your snowman and you follow all of these steps, you guys should have a long DRY friendship.


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