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Adam's Story: Padwan's Quest
By Joshua C.
age: 13

Chapter 5

“Captain, you’re up.” Chief backed away from the control commlink. Adam stepped up immediately.

“All fighter craft, I want those shields down ten minutes ago. Fire control, start firing all ion cannons. The sooner those shields are out, the better chance we have. I want silver squadron 1-12 taking out ties. Mr. Katarn, you’re with them.” Adam paused. “By the way, is this Jake Katarn related to the Kyle Katarn?”

“No,” was Master Jhonn’s curt answer. He had been surprised at how well Adam took to his job.

“Who’s that?” Adam pointed toward a b-wing careening toward the star destroyer, flechette missiles blazing.

“That’s Nym Aren. He’s also a Jedi.” Chief had more than a hint of contempt in his voice.

“Mr. Aren, this is Adam Intarn. Can you get in their hangar?”

“Affirmative, Captain. Going in. Am I taking out Imps., or killing their critical systems?”

Adam responded quickly: “Kill their engines, then hold a landing spot. We’ll be right in. You may have to take over the docking controls.”

“Roger, Voyager. Aren out.”

Why am I getting this weird feeling? Adam felt a sort of weakness coming over him. Never mind now. Just as the thought passed, the worst happened: Nym Aren’s b-wing blew to pieces.

“Oh no.” Adam hung his head. From this angle, he had a perfect view of the objective screen. On it was the hangar. In front of the hangar, was an energy signature that showed green. The signature was covered by static.

Wait a second. That static is coming off of that ship. Nym released some chemical that made him look dead. The star destroyer’ll never see him coming. Genius.

“Helmsman,” Adam spoke into the comm. “Put us on a direct heading with that star destroyer’s belly hanger. Get the fleet back in here.” It’s time to shine, Intarn. Don’t blow it. Adam added to himself.

“Sorry Cap’n. Nym never knows what he’s doing,” Jake Katarn mumbled under his breath as he followed Nym Aren’s b-wing into the Imperials’ hangar.

The a-wing knifed through the capital ship’s shields, bypassed the tractor beam and flew through the hangar. Jake kicked in his repulsorlift. Three, two, one! He launched himself out of his starfighter. On the way out, he hit the landing sequence button.

Two stormtroopers flew across the transparisteel floor, landing at Jake Katarn’s feet.

“I thought you were a fighter pilot.” Nym joked.

“Well Mister, I can swing a saber blade fancier than you. I thought you’d take all the fun and glory.” Jake activated his lightsaber, an orange and metallic blade snaking out of a chrome hilt.

“Oh, you know me Jake. I’m just here for the near death experience!” Nym swung low, his emerald blade deflecting a scarlet bolt, hurling it back to fuse an E-11.

Jake back-flipped high, finishing with and aeria, and landed at Nym’s back. The two circled as Jake deflected auto-turret fire.

“Ouch time,” Jake said as two Imperial officers came out from the hangar door, carrying Merr-Sonn missile launchers.

As one, the two Jedi nodded at each other. They ran, flipped over the first line of troops and redirected the two oncoming missiles back at the officers with outstretched hands. The resulting explosion rocked a TIE defender onto it’s starboard wing, shattering some fragile components.

“Can you-”

“Sure.” Jake cut Nym off, as he ran past the troops to a doorway into the engine room. In one smooth motion, his saber came up, and cut the engine oil tanks. Holding onto his momentum, he ran up the side of the tanks, and pushed off with his feet, launching himself out of the room, past the hangar door, over the troops, to land beside a besieged Nym.

“What took you so long?” Nym gestured towards the now disabled and sparking docking control panel. Jake only scowled.

The Voyager entered the star destoyer’s hangar. Adam immediately caught sight of Nym and Jake fighting valiantly together.

“Stay here.” It was an order from Master Jhonn.

“Yes, Master.” Adam replied.

The corvette was now emptying all reinforcements. Adam could feel the determination of each fighter. Blasterfire pinged throughout the spacious landing area. Adam then felt his breath catch. Sure, he had seen Jedi fight before, but never like this one:

Kyle Jhonn activated his saber, the aquamarine hue blending with the turquoise green of the other end. He threw his double-bladed saber like a javelin to cleave two stormtroopers. At the same moment he jumped to grab it.

Not knowing what made him, he looked back. Two imperial officers were entering the Voyager.

Adam caught a ripple of concern through the force. By now he could identify that force signature. It was his master, telling him to watch out for something.......

Two imperial officers were headed in his direction. Then he saw them--the two vibroblades.
Joshua C on writing:
The writings of Greg Farshtey and Jude Watson inspired this story.

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