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Eliminating All Evil
By Jesse B.
age: 12

My name is Bobby Lance. Iím not rich (heck, I donít even have a house). I donít own a clean pair of clothes. I donít even have parents for goodness sake! I do have one thing though: I have the power to save the world.

I found my power when I was skateboarding. (I mean, everything good in my life happens on my board.) I went up for a grind on a nearby bench and I, out of all people, fell flat on my face. I saw my friend, Joey, run over to me to see what happened. I mean, I could see him, but he couldnít see me. I asked him to help me get up. He couldnít hear me, so I looked down. All I could see was the pavement underneath me!

Now Joeyís freaking out on my behalf. I reappeared slowly but painfully. Joey jumped back in disbelief. I clasped my hand over his mouth, but he swatted it away and started blabbing on about how I could save the world or something like that.

Later that night, I sat in my bed uneasily, not being able to sleep. I could not help thinking about the strange feeling I had when I disappeared the day that I fell. It was chilling, painful, unruly, and gave me a slight headache. There were so many feelings going through my body, that itís hard to explain what happened on that night in í92. The fact that whatever happened, happened back then still blows my mind. Then I thought about what Joey had said, ďYou can save the world.Ē His words were still swimming around in my mind. I didnít believe him until a couple days ago when he proved me wrong.

He brought me over by the principalís office at my school and told me to look through the blinds. I told him that it was pointless, but I did as he said anyway. I couldnít believe my eyes. The principal, Mr. Live, was writing on a piece of paper! Oh boy. I asked him what he was talking about. He told me to look at the tattoo on his palm. I noticed not a split second later that it was the same tattoo that The Darkness had on his palm. The Darkness, in case you donít watch the news, is the most dangerous villain in the world. He is wanted in every state except Wyoming and has the power to control and destroy every visible thing known to man. The thing is, I had the chance to defeat him and put him behind bars. Many, many invisible bars. Somehow. Anyway, heís a pretty bad guy. Back to the story.

So I decided to lay low until the world desperately needed me. Unfortunately, the very next day, The Darkness, A.K.A. Mr. Live, decided to attack my school. He started at the cafeteria. I watched cautiously as he used the combustible materials from the kitchen to conduct a massive, black flame that hurtled across the surface of the cafeteria. Everybody was evacuated from the building right away. Everybody, that is, except me.

My teacher, Ms. Dalliee, thought I was outside with the rest of the kids, but I snuck back into the action in the cafeteria. I was more scared than the time in third grade when my dad and I got into a car accident. I mean, who wouldnít be, going up against the most powerful individual in the world? I vanished into all but a shadow, undetected by the monstrosity 10 feet in front of me. When I was close enough, I pushed my luck to see if I could possibly harm him in any way.

I literally pushed him into a table. He fell over and glared behind him. He looked me straight in the eye, and I jumped back, even though I knew he couldnít see me. He took a powerful uppercut into my face but his fist went straight through me. Now that I knew he couldnít harm me, I took a pretty powerful swing at him myself. He flung into a burning table, but quickly recovered, evidently because all visible objects can not harm him.

He resorted to his powers after that. I could see his temper rising, the fire in his eyes, and the focus in his stare. He whipped a fireball out of his hand and he had transformed a table next to him into about ten spears. I wasnít intimidated. He threw his objects straight through me. I just laughed, but he thought I was cowering and aching with pain. I punched him in the stomach a few times just for the fun of it. How often does a 14 year old kid get to sock the principal and mess with his mind? This was a once in a life time opportunity and I was giving it my all. He was screaming up a storm and I was laughing up a blizzard!

His last move was very bold though, Iíve got to give that to him. He made a huge bomb from all of the basketballs in the gym and all of the stomach throbbing food in the cafeteria, added a bit of explosive materials from the science room, and dropped it. I seriously didnít think he had the guts at first, but his pride in being a bad guy definitely showed through. This time I think I actually felt the wind across my face as the bomb revealed the schoolyard around us. I watched helplessly as my school fell around me and Mr. Liveís hard month's work was shattered.

I peered over where the villain was standing minutes earlier. He was gone. I looked around me as hundreds of students cheered. Not just because of an early summer vacation though. The greatest mastermind of all time was destroyed.

No one really knew what happened to The Darkness after that. Was he dead? Was he still among us? All we know is that he is out of our lives. For now.

Oh yeah, as for me, I now go to a high school in San Diego. I currently live with a nice, old, rich lady that adopted me. Years after I discovered my power, I was exposed to the nation and soon after, lost my powers. I was actually glad to remove that burden off my back and get away from the public. Iím happy I just lived to tell my story. I do miss being invisible sometimes. I just want to get away from it all, you know?

Joey, well, letís just say heís living the good life in Costa Rica with the fame of an old friend of mine. Heís now known as The Human Torch. Iíll let you figure that one out on your own. I never really got a name. Iím just known as the kid who saved the universe.

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