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Two Sided Tales Of Timothy Terrance
By Patriot S.
age: 12

Narrator:Once Upon A time...

Timothy:I cannot seem to feel any better.

Loppy:Well deal with it. I will not be your wife!


Loppy:Don't but me. It's not going to happen.

Timothy:Can we be friends?

Loppy:Maybe if you start acting more mature!

Timothy:Life is harsh...

Narrator:So Timothy Terrance and Loppy Heart went on as best friends. It wasn't what Timothy wanted but he's okay.

Part 2
Narrator:Loppy was knocking on Timothy's door.

Loppy:Hi Tim!

Timothy:How are you today beautiful?

Narrator:Over time Timothy and Loppy began to get more flirty.

Loppy:I'm great thank you very much.
***Giggle giggle***

Loppy:I've got to tell the truth...I LOVE YOU!!!



Narrator:It got quieter.

Timothy:Ummm...Will you umm marry me?


Timothy:Oh my gosh!!

Narrator:Timothy was blushing so much his whole head looked like a tomato!

Loppy:Let's go make wedding plans.

Narrator:So they walked over the hills in the sunset and made wedding plans. Then they lived happily ever-

Scene Director:Cut! You don't say they lived happily ever after! You say you think they lived happily ever after.
So there's some comedy! You are a comedy-fairytale-teller-man now! Not an old-fairytale-teller-man!

I think they lived happily ever after.
Maybe...Not sure though.

Scene Director:Cut!-

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