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Final Scene to ''Let Me Hear You Whisper''
By Taylor E.
age: 13
New York

Act 2, Scene 2

Helen: (thinking) Should I go back up to save the dolphin? (more thinking) I think I shall because the dolphin was so nice to me.

(She presses the elevator button to go back up to the lab. She barges in just as the doctor is about to leave.)

Helen: Miss Moray Iíll help, but on one condition.

Miss Moray: Okay Helen. What is it?

Helen: The dolphin gets a much bigger tank.

Miss Moray: Done! Youíre rehired!

Dr. Crocus: Dan! Put the equipment away now.

Dan: Yes, Doctor, and Iíll lock up as well.

(As everyone leaves, Helen grabs the records folder and Dan locks up.)

Act 2, Scene 3

(In the morning Helen arrives with the ASPCA.)

Miss Moray: (astonishment on her face) Whatís the meaning of this, Helen?

Helen: I reported you to the ASPCA and showed them your records folder. They have agreed to free the dolphin to its natural habitat and close you down.

(Miss Morray, Dr. Crocus, and Mr. Fridge leave after being closed down by the ASPCA. Meanwhile, Dan and Helen were offered jobs at the ASPCA which they gladly accepted. Lights fade out, end of play.)

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