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Alarmed By A Bell
By Ashley M.
age: 13

During one nice, peaceful day on Mt. Olympus, Zeus and Hera were enjoying their day out by the relaxing pool. Everything was running smoothly, the workers were making Zeus his lightning bolts, just in case something went bad on Mt. Olympus. Then, all of a sudden Zeus opened his eyes and saw that everyone had disappeared from him.

A few minutes later he was beginning to worry about everyone, but he still thought positively about them. He thought that everyone went to go cool down inside.

Zeus just sat there for a few more hours worrying. Now this made him begin to have bad thoughts about them. So now he ran as fast as he could inside to find them. Unfortunately, Zeus was not able to find anyone; he couldn’t even find a mouse.

Now he is beginning to think that they were all kidnapped. He tried to think of who it could have possibly been. It seemed to him that it would be someone that really hated Zeus. First, he thought of Hades or Leehw, who was one of the Titans. Leehw had the power to do anything bad to people. Sadly, he was the worse god ever to be. Leehw enjoyed making people mad at him.

A few weeks later, Zeus was convinced that Leehw kidnapped his family, also now he is starting to believe that the Titans couldn’t avoid helping Leehw with destroying him. Zeus was trying to find a way to get by all of them, so he will be able to get his family back. That way Zeus wouldn’t have to even take a chance at getting hurt, or maybe worse, dying.

He began to just sit and stare in to space, and he was thinking wether or not to fight them. He figured that even if he tried to, they would kill him. He wouldn’t even have a chance to get back his family. That was his greatest fear. Then he just happened to fall asleep. He had a dream about amazingly defeating the Titans. He found his family, and everyone was so excited that there were no more Titans left to destroy them. When he woke up, he knew what he had to do. He would fight them.

Zeus went out to find them, but as he was able to leave, he saw that the Titans were already at Mt. Olympus. There were five of them and only one of him. Near the end of the fight, Zeus just got a little too mad and threw a lightning bolt at Leehw. As it hit his shield, he set a curse on it. Leehw thought that it would get Zeus, but fortunately, it didn’t get Zeus but it did get a rock. The rock was amazingly and unexpectedly turned in to a thing called a wheel.

It was called a wheel because when Zeus just got a little too mad at Leehw he screamed at him, only he called him Wheel, not Leehw. Leehw was so mad for having something named after him, that he destroyed himself.

Now Zeus had to hunt for where his family was trapped. It took him one week to find all of them. He was left with finding Hera. He thought that maybe Hades took her. So Zeus and some of the others came along. When they got there, she actually was there. There was just one problem, Hera was dead. Zeus made a deal with Hades, if Zeus could make it to her in time, they would both be safe, but if he didn’t make it, then they would both be dead forever.

He made it, so they all lived on Mt. Olympus. All of the men worked together to get some thing that would alarm them if some one came to Mt. Olympus and they could decide if they wanted to open the door or not. The men finally came up with something that worked. It was an upside down bowl carved out of a chunk of wood. They made a ball out of a lightning bolt. They connected it with some string so that when someone would pull it, someone inside would hear it and look through a hole in the door, and if it was someone they knew they could let them in, but if not they could just ignore them.

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