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Tag-along and Farmer George
By Julia H.
age: 12

On a farm in Ohio lived a farmer and his wife. There were lots of different animals on the farm, but the pigs where the big hit! There was one pig in particular that was favored by farmer George, and that was a pig he liked to call Tag-along.

Tag-along would follow the other pigs and then watch what they where doing and after he understood it, he would try to do it better than the others. For this, the other pigs hated him, but George loved him and did whatever he could do to make Tag-along happy.

The truth is, Tag-along wasn’t happy he just wanted to be treated like a normal pig. The other pigs made fun of him because he was only loved by the farmer. Some nights Tag-along would just get to sleep and George would bring him inside the house give him another bottle and wrap him up in a soft blanket and put him on the end of his bed.

Near Thanksgiving Tammy, the farmer’s wife, went out to pick a pig to chop, she didn’t care if it was Tag-along or not. So she chose the most over-fed pig and it was Tag-along. The farmer was out milking cows when he heard Tag-along’s squeal and came running to his rescue.

“Tammy!” said the farmer. “What are you thinking, I told you not to chop Tag-along!”

“Why does it matter which one I chop?”

“Just because, okay.”


“I will pick this one then.”

Tag-along couldn’t take it any longer, he was being treated like a piece of chocolate being savored.

Tag-along decided to try and be the leader and try to do everything George didn’t like. That night when farmer George went to get Tag-along, Tag-along refused to come and at feeding time, Tag-along was at the front of the pack. Farmer George learned to let go and to have Tag-along be a pig.

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