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Perfection/ Intro
By Brenna H.
age: 14

Names often have a common misconception. Donít you agree? I mean, for example, youíd assume someone with the last name of Gray would be boring. Youíre mistaken. Very extremely, sadly mistaken. Skyar Sophia Gray was anything but boring. Heck, she was 16-year-old perfection.

Skye had flowing, shining blonde hair that fell to her mid-back. She had deep, ocean blue eyes that had a congenital slight gold ring (congenital means born with, in other words, no contacts people). She had a tall, slender, athletic figure and natural beauty. She hardly ever wore more than some eyeliner, light eye shadow and some gloss. She didnít need any more, either. She was drop dead gorgeous. She, and everyone else, knew it.

Skye was smart, strong, strong-minded, clever, sweet kind and caring. She could be your bestest best friend, but she could also be your worst worse enemy. You never wanted to get on her bad side. She played softball and volleyball and was the star on both teams. She also danced and rode horses. Calling her ''athletic'' is an understatement. How else did she have a perfect figure? I mean how many of you can juggle all those, straight Aís and Bís, AND a social life? None? Thatís what I thought.

She wasnít a cheerleader, but she was the most popular girl at her high school, L.V. Heights High. Nearly everyone loved her, everyone respected her and looked to her for an example, advice etc. She was their leader. She loved it. She, backed by her four friends, HBC (Hot Beyond Compare) Clique, ruled the school.

No, Skye Gray was not boring. She also wasnít gloomy either.

Another example is Katie. Katie sounds plain, sweet and innocent, right? Oh boy, WRONG! Katie Shard was terrible. She was mean, nasty ,hateful and cold. If you were her friend she still was nasty but on a smaller scale. Plus, she always had your back. She was a smart friend and only a complete idiot would be her enemy selectively. Sure, people didnít like her and she didnít like everyone; she hardly liked anyone as a matter of fact, but no one was her ENEMY per se.

Names are titles. Yes, this is true. But that doesnít stop them from being misleading, now does it?

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