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Danger Came to Us
By Madi M.
age: 12

Rebecca was walking to the synagogue. Surely there would be much praying today, she thought. She strode forward a bit faster, for she saw a Nazi soldier on the corner of the block. Coming forward, she prayed silently to God to help her with this man.

''Halt!'' he boomed. ''Where are you going?''

Becky's knees shook as she bravely raised her head to look him in the eye. Try not to lie, try not to lie, she anxiously told herself. ''Um, I'm going to meet some friends, sir.''

''Oh, is that so? Well, we will just see about that!''

Rebecca wasn't prepared for this answer. ''Uh, what do you mean by that?'' her voice trembled.

''Oh, nothing,'' he said slyly.

''Well, I think I will be on my way....'' Rebecca replied.

''Yes, I think you should!'' he boomed once more.

At that, Becky scurried away, but she could feel the Nazi's eyes bearing on her.

*** It was a week after her encounter with one of Hitler's men. The beautiful synagogue was crashed just the other day, and the few Jews who were there were killed by the soldiers' swords. They proclaimed that the Jewish religion would not be tolerated, and if anyone of Judaism was found, they would die as well. So, Rebecca's family had to move soon to Sweden, for the Nazis were not up there, and then they could practice their religon freely.

*** Today, Rebecca's family was going to sail to Sweden. They had to be very careful getting to the docks, because they could run into the soldiers and that would be the end of them!

They set off for the boat, Becky's father in front, and her 17-year-old brother in the back. Swiftly, the family of six travelled through the alleys to avoid Hitler's people.

Following Papa to the break of light at the end of one alley, they suddenly heard a shout......a shout of her brother!

Turning around quickly, Becky saw her brother, lying dead on the ground and Nazis approaching. The others had seen it too. Eyes welling with tears, Becky ran with the rest of her family.

*** Becky and the Avdiel's never forgot the time when they lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, where their dear brother and son was shot by the awful Nazis. Now, 2 years later, the Nazis had died down, and there was no longer persecution......Amen.


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