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Creepy Cousins
By Weilin C.
age: 12

Why are you reading this book? I mean surely you have better things to do, unless you're like me. My name's Chrissy, I might sound little, but I'm really twelve years old. Well, this story is about my cousin, Jimmy. He is eight years old but he acts like a five year old every day. I wrote this short book because I'm right now stuck in my room because my mum grounded me because Jimmy tripped. ''You're supposed to look after him!'' Well, you try looking after some one who thinks they are Batman! Anyway, this is how it goes.

''Now eat your vegetables!'' Chrissy's mum says with a look of frustration.

''Mum, I can't eat just thinking that Jimmy's going to be here soon!''

''Oh don't be like that, I know your cousin can be stressful, but he's family.''

Chrissy thought deeply in her head, 'I wish we lost him on the trip to Chicago, at least a zoo keeper could lock him up.'

''Right, that's it! Go to school young lady!'' Chrissy's mum said. Chrissy hadn't realized that she'd said it out loud.

After-hours school had passed and Chrissy was going back home. She opened the door and saw exactly what she dreaded most, her cousin.

''Hi Chrissy,'' he said with a bored expression, ''come in.''

When Chrissy went in she found out that Jimmy had decorated the house for Halloween.

Chrissy was too tired to scream so she went into the kitchen. In front of her stood a large woman with a chunk of missing flesh. ''Ahhh!'' she screamed.

''It's okay. It's me, Chrissy,'' her mum said.

Chrissy went back to the lounge and saw her cousin, dead! ''Ahhh!'' Chrissy yelled, ''Quick! call the ambulance!''

''Ha ha fooled you!'' Jimmy yelled.

He was running down the stairs and suddenly tripped, he hit his head on the wall. ''Owww!'' he yelled and started sobbing.

''Chrissy! You're grounded!'' Chrissy's mum said and Chrissy went up to her room.

So that's how I ended up here, now if you haven't noticed, it wasn't my fault. You know, I always thought having cousins was overrated because cousin's are creepy! (Especially boys!)
Weilin C on writing:
My cousin Jimmy is actually like that. He was my inspiration along with my other family.

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