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Crispus Attuckus: A Black Leader

By: Kevin G.
Maryland, Age 10

Crispus Attuckus was a great leader! To begin with, Crispus was born in Farmington, Massachusetts in1723. He had black and Indian patronage. Attuckus was a slave in Framingham.
Attuckus had important contributions to the Revolutionary War. Attuckus was the first black to fall in the American Revolution. Attuckus was slayed in the Boston Massacre.
Attuckus was very brave because he took the lead in difficult situations, especially those that threatened his freedom or the freedom of others.
I believe that Attuckus was motivated to help the Patriots gain freedom because Attuckus believed African Americans should be free. Countries should not be ruled by the king.
Attuckus lived a strong life. In his later years he was honored by black abolitionists in 1858 and in 1888, Crispus Attuckus Monument was erected on the Boston Common. He was the first to pour out his blood as a precious libation on the altar of a people∆s right.
If Attuckus was alive today, I think the advice that he would give people is to live your life strong Attuckus is a role model to me because he was a slave and still did great things.