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Elizabeth Freeman

By: Ashley J.
Maryland, Age 11

Oh my gosh, did you know Elizabeth Freeman was born 1742 to enslaved African parents in Claverack, New York? And guess what? At the age of six months she was purchased, along with her sister, by John Ashley of Sheffield. She lived in Massachusetts, and she served the family until she was nearly forty. As she grew older she changed her name to Mum Bett.

Elizabeth Freeman had important contributions to the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth Freeman gave freedom and rights to everyone. Also, she went to court to have her rights. She argued that according to the Declaration of Independence, blacks should be free.

Elizabeth Freeman was very brave to fight for what she wanted. Also she was smart because she knew every one needed freedom and color didnÆt matter. I believe that Elizabeth Freeman was motivated to help the patriots gain emancipation because she believed that if you were born free, then you are supposed to be free and color wonÆt matter. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution should apply to blacks also.

Elizabeth Freeman lived a wonderful life. In her later years she went to court she won and helped slaves in her state to be free. They were all free, blacks and whites had the same rights. She worked and tended to peopleÆs needs.

If Elizabeth was alive today, I think the advice that she would give people that everyone is born free, no matter what color you are. Elizabeth Freeman is a Hero to me because she was one of the people that helped black people to have the same rights as white people.