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Ruby Bridges

By: Reba P.
Iowa, Age 9

Ruby Bridges

Ruby lived in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1960. She was six- years old when she went to her new school. She was one of four children to go to an all white school. Seines she was going to go to an all white school her father lost his job. Her grandparents lost their place as farmers. At school her teacher was Barbara Henry. Even though there was a mob out side of school every day. She never missed a day of school. No mother wanted their child to go to a school with a black girl. Mrs. Henry and Ruby where the only people in the class. RubyĂs mother was in her class for a little while. But after she got use to it she had to into school by herself. She would have to be brave to go through that mob to get into school.

After a while, children started to go back to school but they stayed different classes. When they would have class together nobody would sit by her. When she went home and to school she would have to be protected by marshals. Ruby asked a boy named Jimmy if he would like to play baseball at recess. He said, ˘I can Ăt play with you.÷ Ruby asked why. He said that his mom said so. Nobody wanted to play with a weird child.

Ruby didnĂt under stand why kids didnĂt want to play with her. At home T.V. reporters would ask her questions about school and what she thought. Because she did all this she helped stopped segregation. She helped stopped segregation because she never gave up. Some people might still be treated unfair. To me she would have to be very brave and confidence to go through that. She showed to never judge a person by their color or background.

She was six-years old when she made history. She went to an all white school in New Orleans, she had a white teacher, she went through a mob every day, and she was the only student in her class. I learned that that it doesnĂt matter how small you are or what your color is, you can make a difference.