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Jackie Robinson

By: Haley S.
Iowa, Age 9

He was born in Cairo, Georgia ,on January 31, 1919. His mother named him Jack Roosevelt Robinson, but Jackie Robinson for short. His motherĂs name is Mallie Robinson and his sisterĂs name is Willa Mae. He did not have a brother or Dad. He did have a dad, but they broke up when he was born.

They moved not too soon after he was born.
When he was 16 months old, they moved from Cairo, Georgia to Pasadena, California. They moved on a train all the way to California from Georgia. It was a long train ride for them.

When he got older, he went through Elementary School, to Middle School, and then finally to High School where he could play all kinds of sports. He did basketball, football, track, and then finally he found something that he was good at. And that was baseball. He loved baseball so much that he was very famous.

But the one problem he had was he was the only black baseball player on is team. But then an old man said to him that he could do it. ˘It didnĂt matter if he was the only one on the team that was black! It mattered if you were good and if you had the spirit to do it! So get out there and be a champion!÷ So he did and became a champion at last! So then once he did it, other blacks wanted t do it too! So other blacks came to do it too! Now he got to play on the Brooklyn Dodgers and was a really good sport and never complained! He even signed an honor of the Dodgers with the President! He died in Stamford, Connecticut, on October 24, 1972.