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Harriet Tubman

By: Kayli B.
Iowa, Age 9

Harriet was born in 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland. Harriet Tubman was not her real name. Her real name was Ariminta Ross. Her momĂs name was Harriet and her dadĂs name was Benjamin. When she was three she got put to work. She sometimes carried messages as far as ten miles away. She was punished if she took to long to get back.
When she was six she was sick with measles, but sent in an ice-cold river to look for traps. She was scared for her life when she refused to whip a younger slave for not asking permission to go to the store. When the young slave started to run, the overseer picked up a heavy iron weight and threw it at him, he missed the younger slave and hit Ariminta instead. She was unconscious for days and suffered from seizures for the rest of her life.
In 1844 she married a free blackman named John Tubman and took his last name. She also took her motherĂs name, Harriet. In 1849 she decided to run away. Her husband refused to go with her, so she went with her two brothers and followed the North Star. Later her brothers got scared and turned back, but she continued on and reached Philadelphia. There she worked and saved her money so she could help others to escape. Harriet went back 19 times and freed 300 people.
Harriet worked during the war as a nurse. A disease was going around. She boiled the water lilly roots and the herbs and made a bitter tasting brew that she gave a man that was dying, and it worked!! Harriet died on March 10, 1913, Auburn New York. On her gravestone it says,÷ Servant of God, Well Done.÷