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James Clark Ross

By: Kaitlin S.
Australia, Age 11

James Ross

James Clark Ross was a well known English, Antarctic explorer. Born in 1800, he was the first person to locate the North Magnetic Pole. He was also the first person to make it through, what we now know as the Ross Sea. He died in 1862, at only 62 years of age.

When James was just 11 years old, he joined the navy, closely watched and taught by his uncle when he was just a beginner.From 1819 to 1827 he set off to explore the Arctic region and accompanied Edward Parry in four more expeditions to the Arctic. While he was there he became the commander.
When he was 39, Ross took control of two ships, Terror and Erebus, along with one other explorer and a crew. He loaded the ships with food and meat to steer away from scurvy. On the 5th of October in 1839 they departed for Antarctica. On the way to Antarctica they came across several large icebergs which made the trip quite dangerous. After finally making it through a tough terrain Terror made it to Antarctica a day before Erebus. They built a magnetic observatory to study their findings. Ross decided to go east to try and find the South Magnetic Pole.After going east, he sighted whales and pack ice. He was determined to get through, so very slowly, the crew finally got through. They came to an open sea. James Ross had discovered the Ross Sea.
On January 11th he sighted land. When he got to the land he was detemind to find the South Magnetic Pole. They climbed mountains and walked across flat lands, naming every mountain he sighted. Soon the compass needle was acting strange so he decided he was within 500 miles of the pole. He named the land, Victoria Land.
Sailing along the Ross Ice Shelf, looking for an entrance soon became dull so he gave up until next season.

Next season came and he found an entrance and sailed through eventually giving up. The Civil War was on and Americans and Eurpeans had a sudden interest in The Arctic and Antarctica. Ross felt this was not the time to search for the South Magnetic Pole. He gave up at the age of 43, being unsuccessful at finding the South Magnetic Pole.

James Clark Ross, The English explorer, didn't turn out to be success in finding the South Pole but he did find the North Magnetic Pole and made it courageously through the Ross Sea.