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Ernest shackleton

By: Stuart T.
Australia, Age 11

Lieutenant Ernest Shackleton was a great Antarctic expedition leader and he was also a great explorer.Ernest's first expedition into Antarctica was with Robert Scott in 1901 to 1902.In the year 1914 he returned to Antarctica for his second expedition. He set off to cross Antarctica. He could not cross Antarctica but it was a remarkable stoy of survival.

He and his crew were trapped by ice in their ship (the Endurance) for many months. Finally the ice crushed the ship. Shackleton and his crew had to leave the ship and camp on the ice. Here the expeditioners survived another year.

Shackleton and five other members sailed on a boat to Elephant Island to get some help.Once they got there they found it to be deserted. Shackleton and his five other men continued onto South Georgia,a whaling station. Finally they got some help.Then Shackleton returned to rescue the rest of his crew. Later they safely sailed back to England.

Ernest Shackleton was a famous Antarctic exlporer who will be remembered always.