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James Charles Ross

By: Isabel S.
Australia, Age 11

James Charles Ross was a famous Antarctic Explorer and led the British expedition from 1839 to 1843. He and his crew were the first explorers to break through the barrier of pack ice that surrounded Antarctica.

James was born in 1800. Between 1819 to 1827 he joined Edward Parry in four more expeditions to the Arctic. he spent another four and a half years exploring the Arctic between 1829 to 1833. On May 31, 1831, Ross located the position of the north magnetic pole on Boothia peninsula in northern Canada. He also took command of the 370-ton Erebus with his friend, Francis Crozier on April 8 1839. The ships were inspected and approval was granted on September 2 1839 by Senior representatives of the Admiralty, and, on October 5 1839, 'Erebus' and 'Terror'(name of the ships)left England on their southern voyage. The 'Terror' landed in Hobart the day before Ross and the 'Erebus' landed, on August 16 1840. The 'Erebus'and 'terror' then set sail down the Derwent river to the Antarctic on November 12 1840. In 1841, they crossed the Antarctic Circle. At 5:00 am
on January 9, they broke into an open sea. It was then when Ross discovered the Ross sea. Ross and Crozier planted a flag on a newly discovered possession Island and was claimed as Victoria Land. On January 28, A huge volcanic mountain errupted. Ross named this mountain Mount Erebus and the the smaller one mount Terror. The expedition once again left Hobart for Antarctica on November 23. Ross departed from Antarctica in 1843 and finally, he died in 1862.

* 1831, May 31, Ross located the position of the North Magnetic pole in Northern Canada
* 16 August 1840 Ross and his ship('Erebus') landed in Hobart the day after his friend, Francis Crozier landed with his ship, ('Terror').
* 1841, they had crossed the Antarctic circle.
* January 9 1841, ROss discovered the Ross sea.
* January 12 1841, Ross and Crozier planted a flag on a newly discovered Island and claimed it Victoria Land.
* January 28 1841, A huge volcanic mountain errupted and Ross named it Mount Erebus and the smaller one Terror after their ships.

James Charles Ross was 11 years old when he entered the navy before he was an Antarctic explorer. He made many great discoveries such as discovering Mount Erebus, Mount Terror, the Ross sea and many more. He and his crew also made one of the longest and most succesful voyages in the history of the British Royal navy.