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Bessie Coleman

By: Geoffrey B.
Oklahoma, Age 9

Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta Texas year of 1892. She was a labor worker. Bailing cotton was one of her chores. She didn't like it much, but she was good at keeping up with math on how much money was owed when harvest was in. Another chore was doing laundry. Laundry was very hard work and it took a long time. Through all of Bessie's battles growing up she always stayed positive.
Bessie tried many new things in her life to see what she was best at. It was not until she was in her early twenties when her brother gave her the idea to become a piolt. Bessie was determined to fly in the sky. She had to work very hard for one year to learn french. After she learned the laungage she traveled to Paris to go to aviation school. This is the only place that will teach anyone to fly.
Over some time in classroom and air time Bessie returned to the United States. She was the first African American woman to ever fly in the Untied States. She had a dream to open a flight training school. She had an accident before she reach this dream, but she had many people that admired her for what she did do.