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By: Collin L.
Oklahoma, Age 10

Born to the snake people also known as the Shoshoni Indians in 1788 the Shoshoni Indian Princess was given the Indian name Huchu which means little bird. The Shoshoni Tribal village was attacked by an enemy tribe the Minnetarees who killed Little Bird's father, the leader of the Shoshoni, and took all the women and girls left alive for their slaves. Living with the Minnetares she learned a new way of life and was given a new name Sakooka Wiiya which meant bird woman. The english spelling is Sacajawea. When Sacajawea was to old to be a slave for the Minnetare tribe she was sold to white fur trader to be his wife. Her husbands name was Toussaint Charbanneau, he was and interpreter and fur trader. They had a son together and he was born on Febuary 11, 1805 his name is Jean Baptiste. A group of men called the Corp of Discovery was sent by president Jefferson to explore the land that was bought from France. This purchase was later called the Lousiana Purchase. Meriweather Lewis and Willianm Clark were the lead explorers of the expedition. They met Toussaint Chaebanneau when they were introduced to the Minnatree Indians and hired them to be their guide. Once hired, Chaebanneau, his wife and son went with the explorers. Sacajawea was an unoffical member of the expedition team but the captians thought she would be useful in communicating with other indian tribes, as well as, her native tribe the Shoshone. Sacajawea was the actual person to guide the explorers. The trip started in November 1804 from the Minnataree village near a place called Fort Mandan. Sacahawea was to lead the men through the country, and the purpose of the trip was to find a water way while exploring the land. President Jefferson wanted to increase the fur trading business with the indians and to find way to send the goods and furs to the other places. By using the Missiour river as a way to send goods. Sacajawea was very important to Lewis and Clark and the expedition, without her they would not have been able to complete the expediton. Sacajawea never saw her people again. She became sick after helping Lewis and Clark and some believe she died at a young age while others believe that she lieved to be 100 years old. Her recorded death was around December 20, 1812. Her Son Jean Baptistie was appointed Alcalde of San Luis in Rey Mission, California, this title is comparible to that of a magistrate. Jean Baptiste later gave up his official title and entered into the California Gold Rush. he is recorded to have died March 14, 1973 in Danner, Oregon. Sacajawea has at least three mountians, two lakes, and twenty three monuments named after her. In the year 2000 Sacajawea had a one dollar gold coin named after her. Sacajawea was a very important waoman in American history.